19 Alternate Die Hard movie posters


In trying to clear out my tabs to reach the nirvana of Tab Bar Zero, I came to Daniel Norris’s reimagined Die Hard poster. I’d meant to post it months ago. He’s got a bunch of really good movie posters, but I love Die Hard.

Die Hard

This reminded me of Olly Moss’s Die Hard poster from a couple years ago. And then I got curious about whether there were any other Die Hard posters out there, and, oh man, let me tell you there are a couple, and these are all of them that I could find. Which one is your favorite? Did I miss any?

Die Hard
Via Olly Moss

die hard poster

die hard poster

die hard poster

The previous 2 are from Buzz Brewery, which seems to be down at the moment.

die hard
Brick Hut / Matt Owen

Die hard arthur ditner

Via Arthur Ditner

tim doyle die hard Via Tim Doyle

Via Design by Dzwonkowski

Via Olaf Cuadras Ferre

Via K Bailey-Bender

die hard poster
Daniel Keane

Via Michael Hanlon

die hard poster
Derek Chatwood

Via Donald Smith Graphic Design

Via BCapazo

Russell Ford2


Russell Ford2
Previous two via Russell Ford

brett thurman
Via Brett Thurman

And then, these aren’t movie posters but still valid in this post, I think.

Via Russ Maschmeyer

Via Jeremy Todd / /film

die hard scott campbell
Scott Campbell Great Showdowns

Update! Here’s a 20th Die Hard poster by Jim Rugg
Die Hard coloring book print

Here’s a Die Hard cross stitch.

Lastly, here’s a holiday card from Nakitomi.

19 Alternate Die Hard movie posters

Olly Moss Mad Men Poster

Olly Moss posting a Mad Men design? If you didn’t know I’d post this, you don’t know me very well. At all. That Don Draper quote at the bottom of the poster that’s hard to read? “You know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is OK. You are OK.”

You guys, the new season starts July 25th.

Mad Men Olly Moss

Olly Moss Mad Men Poster