How to make a star II

The other day Jason put a post on called How to make a star. I’d had one of these links up in the tabs for a couple months, and this other one I just found today, but both are related to star making.

From August of 1999 (via Stellar), a profile of Ray Manzella, something of a blonde-maker. He helped make Vanna White, Jenny McCarthy, and Pamela Anderson stars. The article mentions 3 women he thinks will be stars. I’d never heard of any of them, but according to Google, two of the three have had fairly successful careers (and one is married to baseball player Scott Podsednik). The other one doesn’t seem to have a Google record at all.

Ray’s a very handsome man. When people meet him, they often try to guess which movie star he looks like-Roy Scheider, Michael Douglas, Ted Danson, George Hamilton? Maybe that’s why this feels so innocent, so wholesome, like he’s just cheering on the team. He beams down at the photos. Any one of them might be the next Vanna, the next Pamela, the next Jenny, the next perfect Ray Manzella hybrid that becomes not just an actress but an icon you can cross-promote from movies to books to dolls to toothpaste to infomercials. They sold a million Vanna White dolls on the Home Shopping Network-a million dolls! “These girls jump off the page,” he says. “They’re channelstoppers, every one of them. If all three make it, it wouldn’t surprise me. If not, I’m gonna quit the business.”

In March, John Seabrook wrote about Rihanna’s song making team in the New Yorker, really about pop music in general. There’s a TON of interesting stuff in this story.

Most of the songs played on Top Forty radio are collaborations between producers like Stargate and “top line” writers like Ester Dean. The producers compose the chord progressions, program the beats, and arrange the “synths,” or computer-made instrumental sounds; the top-liners come up with primary melodies, lyrics, and the all-important hooks, the ear-friendly musical phrases that lock you into the song. “It’s not enough to have one hook anymore,” Jay Brown, the president of Roc Nation, and Dean’s manager, told me recently. “You’ve got to have a hook in the intro, a hook in the pre-chorus, a hook in the chorus, and a hook in the bridge.” The reason, he explained, is that “people on average give a song seven seconds on the radio before they change the channel, and you got to hook them.”

The top-liner is usually a singer, too, and often provides the vocal for the demo, a working draft of the song. If the song is for a particular artist, the top-liner may sing the demo in that artist’s style. Sometimes producers send out tracks to more than one top-line writer, which can cause problems. In 2009, both Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson had hits (Beyoncé’s “Halo,” which charted in April, and Clarkson’s “Already Gone,” which charted in August) that were created from the same track, by Ryan Tedder. Clarkson wrote her own top line, while Beyoncé shared a credit with Evan Bogart. Tedder had neglected to tell the artists that he was double-dipping, and when Clarkson heard “Halo” and realized what had happened she tried to stop “Already Gone” from being released as a single, because she feared the public would think she had copied Beyoncé’s hit. But nobody cared, or perhaps even noticed; “Already Gone” became just as big a hit.

How to make a star II

Bob Dylan, William Zantzinger, and David Simon

In something of an obituary, the creator of The Wire tells the story of William Zantzinger. Zantzinger caused the death of a Baltimore waitress in 1963 inspiring Bob Dylan to write ‘The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll.’

Zantzinger lived long enough to see Martin Luther King, Jr., honored with a national holiday and to know that this week Barack Obama would be inaugurated as President. We can imagine him galled at this outcome, a small-minded racist rightly defined by his ugliest moment. Perhaps that’s him, or perhaps he was more than that. At any rate, he knew his part and he played it to the end.

Bob Dylan, William Zantzinger, and David Simon

Dane Cook Steals Joke…From Demetri Martin?

We’ve been getting hits to my Demetri Martin better than Dane Cook post with the keyword ‘stolen joke’ so I thought I’d check it out. Lo and behold!

While I think this it’s possible this is a case of what Malcolm Gladwell wrote about earlier this year (the “phenomenon of simultaneous discovery—what science historians call “multiples””), I’m not inclined to give Dane Cook the benefit of the doubt. That’s what he gets for those “There’s only one OCTOBER” commercials in ’07. I’ll never forgive him.

Dane Cook Steals Joke…From Demetri Martin?

Publishing is Changing

A couple weeks ago, there was a long article in New York Magazine about the end of publishing. It was interesting in the way that watching a car accident happen is interesting, only this is a car accident that you could have predicted was going to happen 20 years ago. You simply can’t keep paying a lot of money for something (in this case a book) that’s not going to make you a lot of money.

Last week, the author of that article tied it all together with another short blurb comparing Random House to General Motors, the only difference being Random House’s back list has some value.

It got me thinking a couple things:

It’s not that publishing is over, or banking, or auto manufacturers, or the music industry. This isn’t a coincidence. These are all businesses that haven’t evolved from where they were and they’re getting punished for it.

Why do e-books cost as much as an album? The article above has the price of ebooks for your Kindle at $9.99 similar to a price for an album on iTunes. Maybe iTunes has kept the price of an MP3 low, but a song or album you can listen to over and over and over again, while a book…how often do you read a book? Even your favorite book. If publishers agree to lower the cost of ebooks to $5, they’ll sell more than twice as many. Mark it, dude.

Oh, and the NY Times Magazine says journalism has to change, also, or they’ll be dead, too.

Oh, and James Surowiecki says Newspapers are toast, too.

Had the bosses realized that they were in the transportation business, rather than the railroad business, they could have moved into trucking and air transport, rather than letting other companies dominate. By extension, many argue that if newspapers had understood they were in the information business, rather than the print business, they would have adapted more quickly and more successfully to the Net.

Publishing is Changing

Magazine Monday

Monday is the day The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and Esquire publish most of their articles online (though Esquire is a monthly, they seem to publish all the time, even not on Mondays, so I may be wrong) making Tuesday the day that a lot of blogs I read post any stories from those magazines. I can’t play the speed game so my posts generally come weeks later if at all. I like Magazine Monday and it reminds me of the Monday night excitement waiting for an album to come out on Tuesday or Thursday night waiting for a movie to come out Friday (before they started coming out on Thursday and then Wednesday). Any other days like that for you guys? Also, any other magazines that have good feeds?

Lastly, when will magazines (and certain blogs) start publishing the full articles in their feeds? It’s the reason I don’t subscribe to Harper’s RSS and why I resent the New Yorker. On the other hand, I’m getting the goods for free, user experience be damned.

Magazine Monday

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference

After the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, I didn’t quite know what to do to help myself take it all in. I found a message board called ‘Win it For’ that was started at some point before the World Series and was filled with stories from people who wanted the Red Sox to win the World Series for someone or other. I spent about 5 hours, reading it straight through, the morning after the World Series and it was the best way I could have celebrated the Red Sox winning.

On November 4, when Barack Obama was announced the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election I was searching for a similar sort of catharsis. Not so much because of Obama winning (which was nice) but because the election had been building as an event for almost 3 years ‘ from the speculation of who would run, to the announcements, to the campaigns, to the primaries, to the general, and finally, November 4th came and went. I thought maybe I’ll collect a few thoughts from friends, or collect all the Facebook status messages, or collect a few links that helped tell the story. As I thought about it, I decided I wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted without going overboard. And I won’t lie, despite my attempts at making this document impartial, there’s no way it could have been. And though I’ve tried to make its focus 11/4, Election Day, there were certain events from the campaign that creeped in.

I wanted to create something to look at a couple years from now to remember the election and hopefully present a good representation of what both sides of America were feeling on that day as evidenced by the response in the press and on the blogs. I didn’t capture everything, though I’ve certainly tried. I want to consume all of this information, have it put on a microchip in my brain. Until that’s possible, I just read a lot. I don’t know how many of these links will work in a year or 5 years, (when this doc might be helpful to show younger people who may not have ever remembered having a president who isn’t black), but here’s what I’ve got. At the bottom is a list of all the sites I used and the domains that helped.

This is a LONG post, when you get bored, bookmark it so you can come back later. There are several different sections. If you want to skip around, you can use the Contents Section below.

Celebrate! – A run down of the celebrations.
WINS! – A list of 38 sites and their winning posts.
Winners and Losers – 18 lists of election winners and losers.
Turnout, Voting, and Polling – Articles and stories about voting, polling, and turn out.
Reactions – Reactions from the world, pundits, and celebrities.
How Obama Won – Some thoughts on how Obama won.
Why McCain Lost – Some thoughts on why McCain lost and what next for the GOP.
Expectations and Advice – There are a lot of people with expectations and a lot of people with advice.
Race – Obviously electing the first black president is going to bring up comments on race.
Money and Business – What will the impact on your money and you business be?
The Media – Without the media, wherever would we be!?
Humor – Without the humor, wherever would we be!?
Miscellaneous – Without the miscellaneous, wherever would we be!?
Personal Stories from Friends – Just what it says.
273 Status Political Status Messages in 27 Hours – Just what it says.
Via – Here’s a list of all the sites I used in putting this together ‘ the sources.

“If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.”

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference

Prince Is Against Gay Marriage and He Can Play Basketball

Wired has a pretty good run down of the controversy touched off by this article in the New Yorker where Prince apparently comes clean on his anti-gay marriage stance. Then a Prince insider leaked to Perez Hilton that Prince was upset about the article and had been misquoted, which the New Yorker denies, standing behind their story. Weirder still, Prince is a Jehovah’s Witness and spends afternoons knocking on doors proselytizing.

Which all comes together quite nicely for me because, I don’t know when it happened, but Comedy Central finally posted the Charlie Murphy story from The Chappelle Show where Murphy and his crew get bested by the Revolution. This is gold, even better than the Rick James stuff, and was analyzed incessantly by my friends and me when it first aired. I’ve missed it so. Unfortunately, there’s a part missing at the end where Prince makes everyone pancakes at the end. Pancakes.

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(Prince story via Sullivan)

Prince Is Against Gay Marriage and He Can Play Basketball

Do You Know Where Your Turkey Comes From? – The Food Link Round Up

Sarah Palin caused an uproar a couple days ago by conducting an interview in front of a farmer slaughtering turkeys. I didn’t follow much of it, but my main reaction to it was more on the side of “Really? That was the best place for an interview” aas opposed to “those poor turkeys”. Though it lead me to this article by Patrick Martins, director of Slow Food USA. (Speaking of Slow Food…)

When you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, waiting for the main attraction to be brought in on a platter, take a moment to think about where it came from and how it found its way to your table.

So where’s my turkey coming from? I wasn’t sure my mom would know, but she did. Plainville Farms. I looked through the website and didn’t find much of anything except they have a ton of USDA labels about how they treat their animals. So I feel a little better that at least I know. So where’s your turkey from?

I had meant to post Michael Pollan’s latest (now 5 weeks old) NY Times effort –
An Open Letter to the Next Farmer in Chief – and this is as good a post to do it in. We’re in full food round up mode now, folks. It was neat how Pollan responded to readers’ comments in a different section, that’s a good move on the NY Times’ part.

And here’s an interview with Pollan from The American Conservative where he talks about the idea of food security being something the Right and the Left can work together on. Interesting parts:

You see it in other traditions, too: the Mayans also had grain reserves. Now the amount of grain we have worldwide is a six- or eight-day supply. If there were a major shock to the system, people would go hungry quickly. It was one of the reforms of the Nixon administration to get rid of the grain reserve under enormous pressure from agribusiness and big grain traders who wanted more control over the market and wanted to be able to speculate on grain prices.


“Arugula,” we should remember, is a marketing term invented by somebody who thought that this very common green, known by farmers all over the Midwest for many years as “rocket,” needed to be tuned up and given new appeal. It’s a complete marketing creation, and it’s completely ruined a very healthy green—at least from a political point of view.

Here’s the NY Times late to the chocolate covered bacon (bacolate) party we covered last year here and here.

Shopsin’s from April 2002:

What does happen occasionally is that Kenny gets an idea for a dish and writes on the specials board— yes, there is a specials board—something like Indomalekian Sunrise Stew. (Kenny and his oldest son, Charlie, invented the country of Indomalekia along with its culinary traditions.) A couple of weeks later, someone finally orders Indomalekian Sunrise Stew and Kenny can’t remember what he had in mind when he thought it up. Fortunately, the customer doesn’t know, either, so Kenny just invents it again on the spot.

Here’s a 2004 article from Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, on Bush’s USDA. There’s too much in here to quote, so just read the whole thing.

And of course I would be remiss for not posting the interview that started the post off. An, no, THE epic definition of political blindness, unless of course the GOP base rallies around stuff like this.

Do You Know Where Your Turkey Comes From? – The Food Link Round Up

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Via

(The original post, with everything on one page was too long to load. Hopefully this will fix that.)

And now, finally, I can have my life back, not having to worry about politics every second of every day.

(Many, many thanks to the following websites for making the above possible. Seriously. Via Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, Apelad, Soldier’s Home, Rob Pitingolo, Wired, Mark Cuban, SF Weekly, The New Republic,, The Corner, Culture11, Daily Kos, Callie Shell, Dooce, Ed Cone, ESPN, Gawker, Gothamist, Wicked Local, Jezebel, Kottke, Nicholas Kristof, Paul Krugman, Marc Ambinder, Marketplace, Media Matters, Miami Herald,, The National Review, Google News, Yahoo News, New York Magazine, Obama 2008 Headlines, Opinionator Blog, Perez Hiltion, Political Ticker Blog, Politico, Ross Douthat, Salon, Slate, The Stranger, Der Souegel, Swamland Blog, Talking Points Memo, The Board Blog, Think Progress, Tucson Citizen, Z on TV, The Wall Street Journal, Michelle Malkin, Curt Schilling, AfterEllen, The American Conservative, Baloon Juice, Barry Eisler, Baseball Musings, BeyondChron, The Boston Globe, The Big Picture (Boston Globe), Brand Week, Chris Piascik’s Blogzilla, CNN, Controlled Greed, Christian Science Monitor, Dallas News, Digby, D Magazine, EbonyJet, The Economist, Bill Whittle, Wikipedia, Atrios, Chicago News Examiner,, FOX News, GQ, The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Mother Jones,, National Journal, Saturday Night Live,, Newspaper Index, Newsweek, The New Yorker, New York Daily News, The New York Post, The New York Times, Patrick Mosberg, Bill Moyers Journal, Playboy,, Portfolio, The American Prospect, Real Clear Politics, Reason, RedState, Republicans for Obama, The Big Picture (Barry Ritholtz), Rolling Stone, Glenn Greenwald, Salon War Room,, Hello Everybody, Steven Johnson, The Daily Beast, The Next Right, The Onion, The Root, Time, Tiny Revolution, USA Today, Washington Monthly, The Washington Post, YouTube, Zefrank)

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Via

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – 273 Facebook Status Messages in 27 Hours

(The original post, with everything on one page was too long to load. Hopefully this will fix that.)

273 Status Political Status Messages in 27 Hours
I was fascinated by the number of status messages left by Facebook users from 4:00 PM Tuesday, the 4th , until 7:00 PM on Wednesday, the 5th. They were almost exclusively about the election, and all but two friends were happy about it. It’s amazing how easy they were to divide up by the emotions that seemingly everyone was sharing…

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST – Some people still voting, donating their status messages, etc etc.

JB just returned from voting! on Tuesday
RH is overwhelmed by western PA. on Tuesday
JA can’t wait for results time! on Tuesday
JG literally might throw up from election induced anxiety disorder. on Tuesday
CKL is so happy she didn’t have to wait in line to vote today. on Tuesday
PO did his civic duty. on Tuesday
JW just voted and got the chills…let’s make history. on Tuesday
EL is getting out the vote for Barack Obama. Last chance to join the rally: on Tuesday
MD is getting out the vote for Barack Obama. Last chance to join the rally: on Tuesday
SMZ is getting out the vote for Barack Obama. Last chance to join the rally: on Tuesday
MS has donated their status to remind everyone to vote for Barack Obama today. Donate your status: on Tuesday
JT is antsy! on Tuesday
AT VOTED!!!! it’ll be a long night of waiting to see the out come though :(. on Tuesday |

6:00 PM – 6:30 PM EST – Nervousness, jumpiness, eagerness, drinkiness.

GB is crazy nervous. on Tuesday
TJB has voted and is now getting ready to party! Anyone in the Valley within shouting distance is welcome to stop by:). on Tuesday
RD is the 1,593,543rd person to donate their status to get out the vote for Barack Obama today. Donate yours: on Tuesday
CP I love this on Tuesday
PDS is down with the Force. on Tuesday
CM is going to the Obama rally tonight. Hot damn! on Tuesday
EEC is pissed that only 10% of people care about Iraq anymore when there are still people dying over there…. on Tuesday
JG just rocked the vote. on Tuesday
JO just voted and got a flu shot all in the same building. Yay America! Yay Obama! on Tuesday
JB is elated after casting my vote. on Tuesday
AK is mixing a stiff drink and bracing herself. on Tuesday AFM is election party tonight! Lots of beer on hand to celebrate or commiserate depending on circumstances. on Tuesday KC is waiting for the election to end. on Tuesday
LJBP So proud of America for voting – looking forward to curling up in comfy clothes with Scott & pizza to watch the election results roll in! :). on Tuesday
KM remembers when terrorists planned 9/11 under Democrat Bill Clinton’s watch. 23 hours ago

6:30 PM – 7:05 PM EST – Hunkering down, and the first noticing of CNN’s holograms.

DM is going to get himself a mess of sushi, crack open a bottle of red and watch the election returns on his very own couch all by himself. 23 hours ago
PC reminds everyone to fasten their seatbelts… (and if you don’t know the rest of this, remember to vote NO on 8!!!) 23 hours ago
KSG misses Tim Russert a little bit. 23 hours ago
FH is ready for returns, although her fingernails are getting shorter… 23 hours ago
SBS voted and is buzzing with excitement! 23 hours ago
LG is the 1,668,494th person to donate their status to get out the vote for Barack Obama today. Donate yours: 23 hours ago
RC can’t believe how ridiculous the CNN holograms are. 23 hours ago
JG thinks CNN’s holograms are hilarious. 23 hours ago
JFA is horrified at the reports of voter intimidation. But then again…it is Fox News. 23 hours ago
IME is moved by this story – that’s dedication. 23 hours ago

7:05 PM – 8:30 PM EST – Polls stat closing, votes start coming in.

MM can’t get information fast enough….refresh…refresh. 22 hours ago
CC is extremely anxious, but has already (optimistically) purchased celebration prosecco. Cheers! 22 hours ago
NS is holding his breath. 22 hours ago
MC voted for Barack!!!!!!!!! 22 hours ago
JB is just waiting… 22 hours ago
MC wants to give away all the red states. 22 hours ago
MM is FREAKING. 22 hours ago
JF has her fingers crossed for Obama. 22 hours ago
RD is GOBAMA!!!!!!! 22 hours ago
MC hearts David Gergen and Chris Matthews. Maybe DG a little more. 22 hours ago KB can’t believe people are beginning to decorate their houses for christmas. Completely non-political status but….my head is racing. 22 hours ago
MM NH – check! 22 hours ago
JA is at Rockefeller Center and it is waaay cool! 22 hours ago
MC thinks that Jean Shaheen is fun to say. 22 hours ago
VK Ole ole ole ole, Batak, Barak!!! Ole ole ole ole!!! 22 hours ago
MS Hagan > Dole. It’s starting, and it’s gonna get better before it gets better people!! 21 hours ago
MC is a little bit proud of NH and has decided that they may remain a New England state. 21 hours ago
MF is projecting the CNN hologram has lost in a landslide. 21 hours ago
MM waiting on FL. 21 hours ago
SF is also stoked how many people were out voting and showing they want to be heard! 21 hours ago
RD is YES WE CAN AND YES WE WILL! 21 hours ago
NM is elated to see the US vote for their first black president. Right man for the job!!!!! 21 hours ago ME adrenaline. 21 hours ago
BB is feeling beyond addled. 21 hours ago
WEW is watching the votes roll in. GOBAMA. 21 hours ago

8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST – OHIO!!! is called, people start to feel it.

TJB is OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21 hours ago
AFM wants to remind you not to get the projections confused with the actual votes. CNN needs TV drama too. 21 hours ago HV is 70 to go!!!!!!! 21 hours ago
HS is soo proud of her husband for making Ohio BLUE! 21 hours ago
DM is God I love seeing Fox News Talking Heads squirm and spin!!! 21 hours ago
MM wow. OH! 21 hours ago
LMC Yay Ohio!!!! 21 hours ago
RTM is having so much fun reading updated statuses pertaining to Obama’s anticipated victory. 21 hours ago
RD is. 21 hours ago
MFS is HEY! HO! WAY TO GO O-H-I-O!!!! 21 hours ago
MH declares that today, we are all Ohioans. 21 hours ago
CP psyched about Pennsylvania and Ohio! 21 hours ago
KB loves refreshing everyone’s status updates and getting the play by play… 20 hours ago
NS is Jim Himes! 20 hours ago
AK ‘s heart is in Grant Park, with her brother! 20 hours ago

9:30 PM – 11:00 PM EST – Anticipation building. Closer and closer and closer. States kept coming in.

JG is witnessing one of the most historic moments in our nation’s history. Wow. 20 hours ago
MM is feeling a little relief… and pride. 20 hours ago
MS is surprised how many people on the living room floor are posting status updates. 20 hours ago
NS is SINCERELY thankful for Chris Shays’ service. 20 hours ago
LN wants less talking and more results…you hear me…RESULTS. 20 hours ago
JS is very very proud of America. 20 hours ago
LS is amazed. 20 hours ago
RT is 975 dollars richer thanks to Obama… BC o-ba-ma! o-ba-ma! 20 hours ago
JG says “Fuck Yeah Ohio!!!”. 20 hours ago
MM is back waiting for FL (or VA)…and getting sleepy. 20 hours ago
AS welcomes the new era that has just been born. 20 hours ago
AT is happy she moved to a swing state, did I help swing it? 20 hours ago
FH is feeling pretty happy. PBR helps. 20 hours ago
MY is Ha! via HOLOGRAM? awesome. 20 hours ago
RT is surprised you can smoke pot now. just not at the dog track… 20 hours ago
MC is wondering wtf is going on with IN, NC and VA? 19 hours ago
JA has been on NBC a lot tonight. 19 hours ago
JW has champagne on ice and is beginning to get overwhelmed with joy. 19 hours ago
RD is we just got virginia. 19 hours ago

11:00 PM – 1:00 AM EST – HE WON!!!!!! Disbelief, celebration, realization slowly starts to sink in.

LMC oh my god. 19 hours ago
NS is HE WON! 19 hours ago
CP 23 to go! Motherbitches! 19 hours ago
MM is excited….and tired. 19 hours ago
JO we did it!!!! 19 hours ago
AK is inexpressibly happy. let the images speak for themselves, Wolf! 19 hours ago
RTM no words can describe this! 19 hours ago
HV is shedding tears of joy…History is made and change is on the way! 19 hours ago
TJB is oh my god. 19 hours ago
CP John Stewart calls it, good enough for me!! 19 hours ago
RH loves this. 19 hours ago
JB says the Barack has just won the Presidency! 19 hours ago
CB is happy. 19 hours ago NS 19 hours ago
SS nice, it’s over McCain, our next president is Obama!! 19 hours ago
MD is celebrating. 19 hours ago
LG is WWWEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! 19 hours ago
RD is elated. words can’t describe it. 19 hours ago
TM is ecstatic. 19 hours ago
CC is drinking some fizzy wine and SO excited!!!!! 19 hours ago IME HOORAY! Though I’ll miss Tina’s Palin. 19 hours ago
PW is so proud to be an American right now!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! 19 hours ago
ME tears of joy. 19 hours ago
GB is Yes dammit! We won! 19 hours ago
JW is listening to Brooklyn erupt in cheers!!!!!! Elation! 19 hours ago
PW is so proud to be an American right now!!! Tears of joy! Thank you. 19 hours ago
RS is listening to pandemonium on the streets… GObama! 19 hours ago
AFM is fuck yeah!!! And I get to sleep at a decent hour! 19 hours ago
AC is great day. great, great day. 19 hours ago
JJ is unbelievably happy and proud to have her country back! 19 hours ago
GG has just witnessed the country go soft. 19 hours ago
HW Oh yes we did! 19 hours ago
CR is soooo happy!!!!! 19 hours ago
CP hell yes. 19 hours ago
PO can I get a hell yeah!!! 19 hours ago
CP has exhaled. The best night. Ever. 19 hours ago
JB just lit about 50 bottle rockets off his roof, the city is pretty much going nuts… 19 hours ago
JA Yes we can? Yes we did!!! 19 hours ago
LMC a happy moment of a lifetime. 19 hours ago
VK We are witnessing history in the making. President Obama. 19 hours ago
VK I couldn’t be happier. Change is here. 19 hours ago
FH is so excited! I was teary… 19 hours ago
MM is watching history tonight. 19 hours ago
PC is blown away by America. 19 hours ago
KH is OBAMA!!!!! 19 hours ago
DW just changed the world. 19 hours ago
CW is right in the heart of history. 19 hours ago
ED don’t tell me, i tivo’d it. 19 hours ago
CG is proud to be an American again. This day will be taught to and discussed by future generations as a watershed moment in American history. 19 hours ago
ED says McCain 2012 ! 19 hours ago
DP is excited to have a president he can be proud of. finally. 19 hours ago
KS is hoping no one hurts this man. 19 hours ago RC is beyond thrilled that Obama is prez, but slightly disappointed that Wolf Blitzer did not howl when he projected Obama’s victory. 19 hours ago
WA — it happened. 19 hours ago
LG has one word for you: landslide. 18 hours ago
JA is proud to have voted in a swing state that went Obama! 18 hours ago
TJB is breathless and overwhelmed. 18 hours ago
KO is amazed. And inspired. 18 hours ago
NS “Rosa sat so Martin could walk so Barack could run so our children can fly”. 18 hours ago
BS we are not enemies, but friends — change has come…thank god! 18 hours ago
VK Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!18 hours ago
SB is living history in the internet. 18 hours ago
EO is….PRAISE JESUS!!! 18 hours ago
AC is give’im give’im give’im give’im give’im give’im give’im give’im give’im the keys to the city. 18 hours ago
ED yes we can has! 18 hours ago
ME is inspired and encouraged. One love, America. 18 hours ago
AL is proud to be in Chicago. 18 hours ago
JD feels his shell of disaffected, ironic distance crack, crack, crack. 18 hours ago
GB is ecstatic and exhausted. 18 hours ago
LG is totally overwhelmed by the absolute yay-ness of the moment. 18 hours ago
NW is hoping the world is watching. That’s how Democracy works, bitches. 18 hours ago
SO is Extremely Excited!!! 18 hours ago

1:00 AM – 7:00 AM EST – Moving on, here comes the snark, pride, elation, exhaustion, PROP 8.

JA is wondering how soon he can sign up for health care! 17 hours ago
MS is loving the fact that I voted for a winner…..and that Chicago is the center of the earth right now. 17 hours ago
PC just found out that LA county results come in last – keep the faith everyone! 17 hours ago
EL is saying – time to spread the wealth!! 17 hours ago
AK has to sleep and give up on watching for California Prop 8 results. No matter where it comes down, your dignity subject to a vote, and we will overcome! 17 hours ago
MC wants a miniature Jill Biden doll – she is adorable. 17 hours ago
GF is surprised that Californians voted Yes on 8. Bright Side: I guess gays won’t have to endure divorce. 17 hours ago
CM is so proud of this country. Yes we did! 17 hours ago
MC is thinking Rudy and Sarah are starting to figure out what a community organizer does ;). 17 hours ago
EL loved all the horns (and drums) on the way home! about time we can show the same joy for politics as we do for the red sox/patriots. 17 hours ago
HW says HELLS YEAH! 17 hours ago
SR is smiling. 17 hours ago
ESJ is celebrating Obama victory. 17 hours ago
JH just got home from Grant Park! Very, very cool. 17 hours ago
EB is a seriously proud American. Elated beyond description. Ready to contribute to all the good things that are now going to come. 16 hours ago
CB is overwhelmed! 16 hours ago
CM is exhausted but too excited to fall asleep. Tomorrow’s gonna be rough. 16 hours ago
JG is ready to go to sleep and wake up on Jan. 20, 2009 in the United Baracks of Amerirack. 16 hours ago
CH is knocked on her butt, but in an amazing way. 16 hours ago
WEW is Oboozing. Great day in America. 15 hours ago
PP is celebrating. 15 hours ago
JF Obooyah!! 14 hours ago

7:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST – Did that just happen? Excitement, pride, America, happiness, relief, afterglow, more snark, WTF? CA, Bittersweet victory.

MS is OMG amazing election. Thanks to all that got out and voted, R or D!! 12 hours ago
SM is YAY! 12 hours ago
AB is so happy we got it right this time. 12 hours ago
KB did fall asleep too early last night but woke up feeling as though it was christmas morning. We did it people. 11 hours ago
SW is so ready for a new era. 11 hours ago
CG is breathing a sigh of relief. 11 hours ago
KC is happy there is no recount, the election’s over, and it’s safe to go back to the grind. 10 hours ago
NM is so glad to hear the words President Elect Barack Obama. :-). 10 hours ago
TJB knows that the pendulum swings both ways in this country, and it is time for like minded people to use this time wisely. 10 hours ago
MR “America has spoken…and has spoken clearly….”. 10 hours ago
JB is tired, but thrilled. 10 hours ago
MD was so happy this morning that she woke up early BY CHOICE. 10 hours ago
AK is looking forward to having an intelligent Pres again! GObama!! Best day ever. 10 hours ago
MS is sifting through data on state races. Massachusetts legislature is approaching Volkskammer numbers for Democrats. 10 hours ago
AD hasn’t been this excited in years! 9 hours ago
EL congratulates you! and asks you to get to work with him to make this country a better place. 9 hours ago
SBS thinks the people have spoken…loudly. 9 hours ago
HS is annoyed with Morning Joe-don’t piss on the parade already! 9 hours ago
LN is proud of her country…probably for the first time ever. 9 hours ago
EB is word. 9 hours ago
PJ is proud that Mass stepped up and voted YES on Question #3. 9 hours ago
KM can at least cling to guns and religion until 2012. 9 hours ago
CP second moment when it really sunk in was listening to Delores Handy this morning: 9 hours ago
CM such an amazing night… now back to the grind. 9 hours ago
LJBP Tired, proud and optimistic after an inspiring and historic night! 9 hours ago
CM is glad he dosen’t have to move out of the country. 9 hours ago
AFM is amused that her neighbors called Obama a communist. What is this, 1950? 9 hours ago
MS is going into work–late–to toss most of the pictures of McCain and place the pictures of Obama. 9 hours ago
RS For the first time in my lifetime, I feel truly proud to be an American. Truly. 9 hours ago
LB is happy. 8 hours ago
MM is encouraged. 8 hours ago
KH is overjoyed. 8 hours ago
SGW stayed up late for the rally and is still happy, but tired. 8 hours ago
DM is thinking that this weekend is going to be a giant party! 8 hours ago
JB woke up to a great new world! 8 hours ago
KH is finding it very hard to focus on homework but that is totally OK with her! 8 hours ago
TL never saw people shouting from the rooftops until THIS. 8 hours ago
AK is road trip to dc jan 20th?? 8 hours ago
AK is content. 8 hours ago MD is so happy he doesn’t know how to… 8 hours ago
GB , for one, welcomes his new Democratic overlord. 7 hours ago
JFA is pleased. 7 hours ago
RTM is floating around Jersey suburbia… smiling and spreading the love! YES WE CAN AMERICA!!!! 7 hours ago
BR is hoping Obama can succeed at what he was elected to do as soon as possible…bring the economy back to life! 7 hours ago
RD is OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA. 7 hours ago
JW is still in joyous shock… 7 hours ago
PO may just have to name his first son Barack. 7 hours ago
SP is exhaling and breathing in a new day. 6 hours ago
DB believes a peaceful revolution has spoken. Oh….and go Chicago! 6 hours ago
EO is wondering what’s with the h8te Californians? Very dissapointing. 6 hours ago
SF is feelin’ pretty good. 6 hours ago
KL is already printing Palin-Bedelia 2012 posters!!! 6 hours ago
PC is wondering is Elisabeth will be as humble a loser as McCain was. Doubtful. 6 hours ago
JS thought last night was amazing and is excited for the future. 6 hours ago
AC hung over. 6 hours ago
EM is very proud of her PRESIDENT Barack Obama. 6 hours ago
BK has a restored faith in humanity. 6 hours ago
AC knows hope, if nothing else. 6 hours ago
JG is seeing a lot of smiling faces at work today. 5 hours ago
MS revised “first African American to become a major party presidential candidate” to “…elected President of the United States.” P. 167. 5 hours ago
AFM now has another reason to hate California. 5 hours ago
TJB is tired, but just can’t stop smiling. 5 hours ago
AC is come on california… 5 hours ago
AK is happy and a lil more hetrophobic today. 4 hours ago
MC I think Ralph Nader is done. His handlers need to put a muzzle on him. 3 hours ago
MD is rejoicing. 3 hours ago
NM is majorly disappointed with the Question 8 results in CA. WTF people? 3 hours ago
AK is still totally pumped about Obama. 2 hours ago
FH wants to know the results of the OR. U.S. Senate race. 2 hours ago
RH is so saddened by prop. 8. 2 hours ago
SW appreciates his mom, but honestly: “Mother, he is not Irish. Obama. Not O’Bama.” 2 hours ago
IM is feeling pretty fucking good right now. about an hour ago
BB is elated!! about an hour ago
PC is feeling a little better after some good cries, a solid Sex & the City and a chicken gyro. about an hour ago
CG is yay! 55 minutes ago
EEC is an Obama mamma. 28 minutes ago
KM : my state lets you kill babies, do drugs, and votes for Obama…If we didn’t have quality men’s league hockey and cheap beer I’d be out. 3 minutes ago

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