Quick Thoughts on Google Buzz

As of this writing, I still don’t have Google Buzz on my computer – these thoughts were gleaned from find it enabled on my iPhone. First reaction: Holy crap, I love it.

This app wouldn’t have worked 3 years ago, but Facebook and Twitter have been doing heavy lifting, training “Social Media Experts” and technophobes alike how to (over)share. Broadly generalizing here, but a lot of people probably find their Facebook accounts bloated with too many people they don’t care enough about. By limiting Google Buzz to the users you communicate most with, Google has made the hard cuts for you.

I wonder if people will share differently than they do on FB or Twitter. What do you think?

Microsoft probably invested millions of dollars and several months to come up with a word they could turn into a verb like ‘To Google’, but Buzz feels natural right off the bat. For what it’s worth, I like ‘to Buzz’ infinitely more than I like ‘to Tweet’.

Since I only saw it on my iPhone, this may change, but it’s potential as a mobile app is amazing.

Privacy issues aside, the Buzz Map and the “Nearby” feature of the mobile app are incredibly voyeuristic and addictive. With links to a users Google Profile, it also makes the web a lot more local and personal.

What will Facebook’s undoubtedly ham-handed response be? Another move that outrages privacy experts, looks bad, and is hard to use?

When Google exposes my data, somehow I expect it, maybe I’m an apologist. When Facebook does it, people get MAD MAD MAD.

I think Twitter remains relatively useful, but this hurts Facebook a lot.

Also, whither Foursquare?

What do you think?

Quick Thoughts on Google Buzz