How do you talk on the phone?

A self-described ‘young’ asks MetaFilter: “How do you relearn the art/science/weird life skill of talking on the phone?” The poster feels like she never learned how to talk on the phone because she grew up texting and instant messaging. However, according to the responses, no one likes talking on the phone, but it was better in the old days on land lines (getoffmylawn), which allowed you to better hear any types of non-verbal cues like breathing and movement.

For me, I like talking on the phone as a distraction when I’m doing something else like walking or folding laundry, but I get frustrated when people call me when I’m trying to work on something. I imagine that’s the same for most of the people reading this.

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How do you talk on the phone?

Obsolete systems

Interesting question posted on Quora, “What are some systems we live with today that were designed for a world of the past?”

Some examples from the most highly rated answer are train rail distances, modern plumbing, and more surprisingly to me television remotes and the positions of windows in homes. I say surprisingly because I’ve heard train rail distances and modern plumbing described as based on old systems, while the other 2 I hadn’t thought about before.

There are obvious, but interesting, well reasoned thoughts on education, media distribution, and American health care (based on when people worked for one company for life).

I like this one about piano keyboards.

If instead, we had a keyboard structure that was truly black/white chromatic (with perhaps another color indicator for all the C’s on the keyboard to enable judgment of where you are within an octave), the student’s problem of having to learn 12 patterns (roughly) for each structure would be reduced six-fold. There would only ever be two patterns to learn for any given structure.

I couldn’t find a post on MetaFilter on the same topic, but I bet there is one. Here are all posts tagged ‘Obsolete’. Also, in a quick search couldn’t find one on Reddit, but I think this question is perfect for both of those communities…

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Obsolete systems