Unabashed Kottke Linking

This post has changed in the 3 weeks since I started it. Right now, the way I’m blogging is writing posts in bulk a couple times per week and then roboposting them one post a day. This makes it easier for me to blog and makes the blog better, I think. I imagine that most of you don’t care about any of this, but I feel an explanation is in order. So anyway, I started this post after it seemed like I was about to post a lot of stuff that had appeared on Kottke. Since then, 2 more things I would have posted were posted by him and, well, we got linked by him, somehow (which was about all I hoped to achieve on the internet in an ZOMG!!11!! kind of way). So although the title of this post is Unabashed Kottke Linking, as you can tell, I’m feeling quite bashed. I don’t want Unlikelywords to be a sort of delayed version of the Kottke RSS, but that’s how it’s gonna have to go sometimes. Below is the original post.

Look, here’s the thing. I read kottke.org and I assume most of you do, too. It’s full of good stuff. Lately, though pretty much everything on the internet I have ready to post shows up on his site. If I’m lucky, I haven’t gotten to it on my RSS feed yet and I don’t feel guilty or derivative. If I’m unlucky, I agonize over whether I should still post it. Usually I do. I can’t help it if I like Gladwell and Lewis and lists and Fenway Park and Manny (well, I don’t like him, but you know what I mean) and Pollan. These are things I liked before I started reading Kottke (and boingboing, for that matter), and I’m going to have to link to them.

Anyway, here are the explanations for a few that will be showing up in the next couple weeks/days. Hopefully, “I saw it somewhere else first” is a good enough defense.

100 skills (I saw it somewhere else first).
Brad Pitt in Money Ball (My admiration for Michael Lewis is on record, and I would have blogged this after hearing about it anyway).
Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker (My admiration for Malcolm Gladwell is noted in the fact that I work for a company partly based on The Tipping Point, and I would have blogged this after hearing about it anyway).
Michael Pollan in the NYTimes (I write about him and Orleans, Gladwell, Pollan, Schlosser, Krakauer, etc)
Manny (Come on.)
Tiny picture of Fenway Park. (No excuses, this is just awesome and people send their awesome stuff to him first).

So those are the excuses for a while, I hope they suffice. And if in the future you notice a higher than acceptable proportion of Kottke-biting posts, know I am suffering internal turmoil.

Unabashed Kottke Linking