About the time I interviewed shark expert George Burgess

About 3 years ago, I had the opportunity to interview shark expert George Burgess. It was a pretty good time, especially the end of the interview. Figured this week was a good time to share. Part 1 Part 2

What’s the weirdest shark story you’ve ever experienced?
Well, one of the best stories I would guess was a 3 sharks on one hook experience. While fishing in North Carolina one time, using a long line, which is a method scientists use to catch sharks to do biological studies, we caught a dogfish shark on the hook, which was then eaten by a black tip shark, and then a larger shark, a bull shark, grabbed the black tip shark. So when we pulled the bull shark in lo and behold, we found 2 other sharks that had been on the same hook. We caught 3 sharks on one hook.

Hmm. Lucky.

Have any questions for me?
No, I think we’re cool and if there’s anything you need, let me know.

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About the time I interviewed shark expert George Burgess