2 Ways To Get Up After Being Knocked Down in Wii Boxing

If you believe the internet, which, duh, I do, there are 2 ways to get up after being knocked down in Wii Boxing:

1. Shake the controllers like you’re drumming and mash as many buttons as possible while this is happening.
2. Do nothing.

The people on the internet are equally divided and equally certain that their way works. Even my wife and I differ on approach (I’m a drummer, she’s OK getting KO’d). I acknowledge that these approaches are contradictory and there is only one true way. Judging by the way the rest of Wii (passive activity) is set up, the likely answer is #2. However, I can’t shake the fact that unscientifically, every time I’ve done nothing, I’ve been knocked out and every time I’ve drummed and mashed, I’ve gotten up. Of course, there were times that I’ve drummed and mashed and not gotten up, but those were legitimate KOs no Mii could have survived.

How Do YOU Get Up After Being Knocked Down In Wii Boxing?

2 Ways To Get Up After Being Knocked Down in Wii Boxing

Welcome to Our World, Nicholas Hagadone

And with the 55th pick in the 2007 Amateur Draft, the Boston Red Sox select University of Washington LHP Nicholas Hagadone.

“After spending last year starting behind Tim Lincecum, Hagadone became Washington’s Friday night starter to begin the year. he was moved to the bullpen after two starts because of team need and has been outstanding for the Huskies, showing the ability to save games and pitch multiple innings. With a chance to have a good three-pitch mix, some teams may want to move him back into a rotation once drafted, but worst-case, they’d have a pretty good lefty setup man on their hands.”

What do you guys think about the pick? Crickets…

Here’s an article, talking about one of the main reasons some teams may not always pick the player with the most potential.

In other news, I may be responsible for breaking up Curt Schilling’s no hitter with two outs in the ninth. I wondered over to a co-worker’s cube who was watching on MLBTV and as soon as I got there, the no hitter was toast. Sorry about that, Curt.

Welcome to Our World, Nicholas Hagadone

Unlikely Words’ Third Linky Post

I used Send Tab and ScribeFire to make this post. I’m relatively happy with both of them. (UPDATED TO ADD: Sorry, scratch that, ScribeFire is not ready for primetime and has been summarily uninstalled)

* I’m going to give up trying not to post youtube videos. Here are three. Sneezing pandas, leprechauns, and hardcore turtles. Which is your favorite?

* Veterans issues have kind of taken a back seat with the Admin’s latest scandal. Maybe it’s because the military has muzzled the troops at Walter Reed. You can keep up to date here.

* When I drive Jessie’s Prius, I try to get as many MPG as possible. This guy is much better at it.

* Probably a bad idea, but why not try making your ownlaundry detergent.

* The latest in what’s become a recurring theme of long, interesting looking articles that I didn’t read. Lot’s of people were talking about this a couple weeks back.

* Keith Olbermann could be changing TV. I always forget to watch him, though.

* This means way more to me than it does to you. Three eggs, grits, and toast.

* Excel Keystrokes.

* Cheaters never win. But they do write books.

* You are what you think you are, what others think you are, and what you think others think you are.

* Parts 4 and 5 of an American in a Japanese prison.

* Crossing the border is hard when the border patrol thinks you have porn and doesn’t know how to look for it on your computer.

* These folks are wiping their butts with a bowl of water for a year. What are you doing to save the Earth? Does it matter if they’re doing it to write a book?

* Houses cheaper than cars? What kind of house can I get for a used Jetta?

* Damn, you, Kottke. So addictive.

Unlikely Words’ Third Linky Post


Apparently, MLB has some new rules for this season:

Time between pitches: The allotment for delivering the ball with no one on base has been reduced, from 20 seconds to 12. The price for each violation is a ball.

Batter’s box presence: Conversely, an automatic strike will be assessed each time a batter violates the rule requiring they keep one foot in the batter’s box throughout his at-bat, except for certain game-play conditions — during which he is still not allowed to leave the dirt area surrounding the plate.

While I don’t like, in theory, the idea of a clock running in baseball, I have to say I think these changes make sense. 12 seconds is a pretty long time for a pitcher to hold the ball while no one’s on base, but I think the second rule change is the more important. Batters stepping out after each pitch is really irritating, and maybe this will cut down on that. (If this means what it seems to mean, how will, say, Nomar Garciaparra possibly cope?)

I don’t think that games are too long, necessarily, and I tend to leap to the defense of the game when someone calls it boring, but I’m all for keeping momentum moving during a game. This seems like it ought to help. I still like Bill James’s suggestion (for which I can’t find the reference) that rather than changing rules, if umpires just refused to grant time to hitters, the whole pace of the game would change for the better.

So, when does real baseball start? I need to get into a fantasy league for this year.


I am AC

While Matt will be providing sustenance, pithiness, and thought provoking posts, I’ll be doing nothing of the sort. For the first couple days/weeks, I’ll be feeling my way around wordpress and generally not carrying my weight. I am a datamonger and an informationmonger. Last year, during “24” I blogged every episode while watching it. Over the weekend, I’ll be posting some of those in their proper dates. I never posted the finale post, which seems strange to me, so I’ll be posting that in the next couple days to lead into the big premiere next week. I find myself hating “24” but I can’t stop. I have two cats. And Netflix. I’m married. There’s more, but I’m get a better feel for YOU before telling you.

Here’s a link full of easy online games for you in farewell. I haven’t played most of these games, but I’ve played a few of them and they are definitely addictive. Consider yourself warned.

I am AC

Happy Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for two years, not because it means we’ve been together a long time, but because I can’t believe 2004 was two whole years ago. Damn.

Still, every anniversary is a milestone. Marrying Rachel two years ago was (if I may wax earnest for a maximum of one paragraph) the best thing I’ve ever done, and marking it is fit and proper. Two years is, of course, just a drop in the bucket compared both to how long we’ve actually been a couple (nine years!) and how long we plan to be married.

Last year we decided that we’d establish a tradition of not giving each other gifts for each anniversary. We get each other enough presents throughout the year. Instead we thought we’d go in together on a treat: a trip, something new for the house, something like that. For our first anniversary (paper!) we got a hotel in Boston and tickets to two Red Sox games. This year was cotton.

Cotton sucks as a gift theme. I was not buying my wife a Happy Anniversary t-shirt in preshrunk cotton. We decided to ditch our tradition (of one year) and just go out for a very nice dinner. And then, we thought, wouldn’t it be more frugal and (perhaps) more fun to make a very nice dinner? Yes, yes it would.

The plan was a meal in three courses: a salad as an antipasti, a primi, and a main course. I conceived of all three independently, so I’m not sure how well they held together as a cohesive unit, but I think it was pretty successful.

First, the salad!

“Deconstructed” salad of tomato gelée, red onion, and cucumber with lemon vinaigrette

The salad was “deconstructed” in the sense that I didn’t mix all the bits together. I guess you could also call it “untossed” or, possibly, “lazy.” We eat cucumber and tomato salads all summer long; I got the idea for the tomato gelée from our favorite restaurant, Gracie’s. At the end of last summer, I took all of the tomatoes we had lying around, chopped them and suspended them in a coffee filter in a strainer over a bowl and let it sit overnight. The resulting tomato water ended up in a container in the back of the freezer until now. I heated it to a simmer, stirred in a packet of gelatine, et voila! Tomato jello. Deliciously tomato-y, and texturally surprising.


Once I’d thought of the gelée, the idea of doing everything in cubes just seemed to make sense.

The vinaigrette was equal parts lemon juice and rice wine vinegar, and then olive oil and dried tarragon. A chiffonade of basil and a pinch of lemon zest finished it off. Light, unconventional, and yummy. Next!


Homemade basil pesto and goat cheese ravioli in roasted pepper and tomato sauce

Making pasta just looks fun, doesn’t it? And since Rachel has pretty much an unlimited capacity to eat pasta, it seemed like it would be foolish not to serve some.

Making the pasta dough took, I confess, two tries, and even on the second batch it was a bit too sticky to the extent that I couldn’t roll it as thin as I’d have liked. The resulting ravioli was a bit chewy, but still delicious.


The filling was just pesto (basil, pine nuts, parmigiano, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil) mixed with goat cheese. The whole ravioli assembly process was fraught with peril, but I was glad to have done it, and I plan to try again at the next opportunity. They apparently freeze really well.


The sauce was a straight food processor job: roasted red peppers, roasted tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper. I just simmered it to warm it before spooning it onto plates and piling on the ravioli. Shaved parmigiano seemed the thing to do, and I, uh, had some basil and lemon zest left over.


Pan-seared duck breast with red wine and fig reduction, gingered carrots, and kale

Well, obviously the duck is the main event here. The carrots are basically Alton Brown’s recipe for carrots poached in ginger beer, but I was making that before I ever saw the carrots episode of Good Eats, so nyeah.

Duck has long been my nemesis. I love it in restaurants but it always ends up over- or under-done when I make it. I once, to my enduring shame, served dramatically overcooked (as in gray) duck breasts to Rachel’s ex-boss, a man of exceeding taste. This time, I’m pleased to say, it worked.

Flavor-wise, nothing too fancy, just a couple hours marinating in red wine, salt, and pepper. The cooking was a revelation for me. I patted the skin very dry, slashed it, laid it skin side down in a non-stick skillet, and cooked it over very low heat until most of the fat rendered out. (The fat was poured out to cook the kale in.) Then it was just a matter of peeking every minute or so to see if the skin looked brown enough, one flip to give it a minute or two on the other side, and done. I gave it a minute under the broiler just before serving to crisp the skin. Perfection.


The sauce was really simple, too. Chopped dried black mission figs in a cup of red wine, simmered for a good long while. Not long enough, since the sauce was a bit runnier than I planned, but it was damned tasty.


Oh, dessert! Rachel made the flourless chocolate cake from the Williams-Sonoma dessert cookbook. It was chocolate-covered chocolate, and it was delicious.


Anyway. The meal was delicious, the wine was spectacular, and Rachel is the best person in the whole world, and I’m the one married to her, so—again—nyeah.

Happy Anniversary!

Girlfriend Vacation Running Journal 3

10:15 AM Again, not as late as I’d have liked, but respectable, maybe I’ll take a nap later on. I’m still expressing my displeasure by staying in bed for a couple hours this morning. I’ll read the Globe sports page, slashdot, and anything else that catches my fancy.
12:35 PM I like Mark Cuban’s blog, and I’m not ashamed!
12:43 PM Wow. This French site has pictures of the “transparent” backgrounds people are putting on their Macs. Imagine lifting your computer up and taking a picture of what is behind it. Then put that picture on you Mac desktop so you can “see through” the computer.
1:35 PM Shower. Didn’t really get very dirty since yesterday, but a habit is a habit.
1:50 PM Eating cereal and reading Rolling Stone. I just like the People-esque section that talks about the different gossip. Most of the articles bore me. Though I did read an article about Suge Knight a couple years ago that gave me nightmares.
2:30 PM I tried adding pictures to the blog. I am using Ourmedia.org to do this and so far it’s not working.
2:52 PM Decided to use up all the outstanding gift certificates I have. First up, $10.00 at iTunes. This is hard, I want to get something I’ll like, but I can’t find anything that’s a certain hit. In desperation, I bought The Promise Ring’s “Nothing Feels Good”.
3:10 PM JR just called to let me know she’s about 100 miles away. I better hurry if I want to have a good goal achievement percentage.
3:18 PM Next up, $90.00 at Smalldog.com. Game or External Hard drive?
4:32 PM After much discussion and misgivings I finally chose a hard drive only to find my credit rejected. I’ll have to figure that out tomorrow. I have to go pick up JR in 20 minutes so I don’t know how to prioritize my last few minutes of freedom. The $75 at Amazon will have to wait until later this evening.
5:53 PM I left to pick up JR signifying the end of “Girlfriend Vacation”.

My best guest without reexamining the goals, I’d have to say I was pretty productive this weekend. However since we try to base everything at AABA on science and facts, let’s go through the original list one by one.
Use up gift certificates to Smalldog, Amazon, and Borders. I wasn’t yet able to use the Smalldog or Border’s GCs because of a problem with the websites. I added iTunes to the list, and used up the Amazon GC so I’d have to consider this goal completed.
Purchase iPod case and external harddrive (perhaps with gift certificates). I plum forgot to buy an iPod case, but my big issue was getting over the hurdle and deciding which one to get. I’ve done that and I’ll buy the case tonight. The hard drive was all set to be ordered from Smalldog until my store credit was rejected. Completed.
Shop for groceries. Over-completed.
Watch movies and basketball. 4 movies and a couple close games. Completed.
Laundry. Completed.
Finish a few blogs I’ve been working on (not the GF Vacation Journal). Ideas only, not completed.
Clean around the house. Depends on the definition of clean, but I did tidy up. Completed.
Extra goals will be added as they are realized. I learned about the history of notebook computers, researched discount online brokers, the difference between AAC and MP3, worked for about 7 hours, made some lunches for work, and fleshed out my disapproval of Rick Pitino. Completed.
Sleep a lot. The bane of boyfriends everywhere. When the girlfriend goes away, all semblance of time disappears, (which is why I think it’s so hard to accomplish goals). Going to sleep early becomes impossible and for silly reasons, too. I failed to complete this goal.

That gives me a 90% achievement rate, I’m an indisputable success. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all (ha!) of you. Clearly defining my goals for you gave me a small sense of structure to my time wasting and you deserve some of the credit. Next time we’ll have to set higher aspirations.

Girlfriend Vacation Running Journal 3