2 Ways To Get Up After Being Knocked Down in Wii Boxing

If you believe the internet, which, duh, I do, there are 2 ways to get up after being knocked down in Wii Boxing:

1. Shake the controllers like you’re drumming and mash as many buttons as possible while this is happening.
2. Do nothing.

The people on the internet are equally divided and equally certain that their way works. Even my wife and I differ on approach (I’m a drummer, she’s OK getting KO’d). I acknowledge that these approaches are contradictory and there is only one true way. Judging by the way the rest of Wii (passive activity) is set up, the likely answer is #2. However, I can’t shake the fact that unscientifically, every time I’ve done nothing, I’ve been knocked out and every time I’ve drummed and mashed, I’ve gotten up. Of course, there were times that I’ve drummed and mashed and not gotten up, but those were legitimate KOs no Mii could have survived.

How Do YOU Get Up After Being Knocked Down In Wii Boxing?

2 Ways To Get Up After Being Knocked Down in Wii Boxing

Welcome to Our World, Nicholas Hagadone

And with the 55th pick in the 2007 Amateur Draft, the Boston Red Sox select University of Washington LHP Nicholas Hagadone.

“After spending last year starting behind Tim Lincecum, Hagadone became Washington’s Friday night starter to begin the year. he was moved to the bullpen after two starts because of team need and has been outstanding for the Huskies, showing the ability to save games and pitch multiple innings. With a chance to have a good three-pitch mix, some teams may want to move him back into a rotation once drafted, but worst-case, they’d have a pretty good lefty setup man on their hands.”

What do you guys think about the pick? Crickets…

Here’s an article, talking about one of the main reasons some teams may not always pick the player with the most potential.

In other news, I may be responsible for breaking up Curt Schilling’s no hitter with two outs in the ninth. I wondered over to a co-worker’s cube who was watching on MLBTV and as soon as I got there, the no hitter was toast. Sorry about that, Curt.

Welcome to Our World, Nicholas Hagadone

Unlikely Words’ Third Linky Post

I used Send Tab and ScribeFire to make this post. I’m relatively happy with both of them. (UPDATED TO ADD: Sorry, scratch that, ScribeFire is not ready for primetime and has been summarily uninstalled)

* I’m going to give up trying not to post youtube videos. Here are three. Sneezing pandas, leprechauns, and hardcore turtles. Which is your favorite?

* Veterans issues have kind of taken a back seat with the Admin’s latest scandal. Maybe it’s because the military has muzzled the troops at Walter Reed. You can keep up to date here.

* When I drive Jessie’s Prius, I try to get as many MPG as possible. This guy is much better at it.

* Probably a bad idea, but why not try making your ownlaundry detergent.

* The latest in what’s become a recurring theme of long, interesting looking articles that I didn’t read. Lot’s of people were talking about this a couple weeks back.

* Keith Olbermann could be changing TV. I always forget to watch him, though.

* This means way more to me than it does to you. Three eggs, grits, and toast.

* Excel Keystrokes.

* Cheaters never win. But they do write books.

* You are what you think you are, what others think you are, and what you think others think you are.

* Parts 4 and 5 of an American in a Japanese prison.

* Crossing the border is hard when the border patrol thinks you have porn and doesn’t know how to look for it on your computer.

* These folks are wiping their butts with a bowl of water for a year. What are you doing to save the Earth? Does it matter if they’re doing it to write a book?

* Houses cheaper than cars? What kind of house can I get for a used Jetta?

* Damn, you, Kottke. So addictive.

Unlikely Words’ Third Linky Post


Apparently, MLB has some new rules for this season:

Time between pitches: The allotment for delivering the ball with no one on base has been reduced, from 20 seconds to 12. The price for each violation is a ball.

Batter’s box presence: Conversely, an automatic strike will be assessed each time a batter violates the rule requiring they keep one foot in the batter’s box throughout his at-bat, except for certain game-play conditions — during which he is still not allowed to leave the dirt area surrounding the plate.

While I don’t like, in theory, the idea of a clock running in baseball, I have to say I think these changes make sense. 12 seconds is a pretty long time for a pitcher to hold the ball while no one’s on base, but I think the second rule change is the more important. Batters stepping out after each pitch is really irritating, and maybe this will cut down on that. (If this means what it seems to mean, how will, say, Nomar Garciaparra possibly cope?)

I don’t think that games are too long, necessarily, and I tend to leap to the defense of the game when someone calls it boring, but I’m all for keeping momentum moving during a game. This seems like it ought to help. I still like Bill James’s suggestion (for which I can’t find the reference) that rather than changing rules, if umpires just refused to grant time to hitters, the whole pace of the game would change for the better.

So, when does real baseball start? I need to get into a fantasy league for this year.