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The price of ice cream might be going up as the global price of vanilla spikes.

In turn, that’s seen 40 per cent of the world’s current stock of vanilla—around 1,000 tonnes—shipped out of Madagascar recently, and as a result the markets have gone crazy. After six years hovering at around $25 per kilo, the price has jumped to $40 in single day.

A bunch of Redditors talk about how they became rich. (via Stellar)

What I’ve learned/realized:
Acquire an education, secure a stream of income, put it to work intelligently, and live with self-control.
Don’t get divorced.
Never trust your business partners; never treat them like you don’t trust them.

A demographic historian has determined the death toll in the Civil War is 20% higher, 130K people, than the currently agreed upon estimate. (via @davidg)

He counted the number of native-born white men of military age in 1860 and determined how many of that group were still alive in 1870. He compared that survival rate with the survival rates of the men of the same ages from 1850-1860, and from 1870-1880 – the 10-year census periods before and after the Civil War…He controlled for other demographic assumptions, including mortality rates of foreign-born soldiers, added the relatively small number of black soldiers killed, and compared the numbers with the rates of female survival over the same periods.

Here’s an interview with H.R. of Bad Brains.

The New York Times has a writer live like a billionaire for a day because that IS IMPORTANT NEWS.

After breakfast, I rush back to the car for a high-speed trip to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, where I’m meeting a real-life billionaire for a trip on his private jet. The billionaire, a hedge fund manager, was scheduled to go down to Georgia and offered to let me interview him during the two-hour jaunt on the condition that I not reveal his identity.

Afternoon reading