Food gifts you can buy from me if you’re so inclined

One of the reasons I’ve been posting here less frequently is a little tiny baby, the other is the side projects and events I organize are happening more often and I’ve started doing them regularly in other cities. To that end, here are a few things coming out of my events that might make good gifts.
First up, shirts from the Bacon and Beer Festival. The onesie really is cute. There isn’t a ton of black baby clothes available.

bacon shirts

Super Precious Art Gallery produces its fair share of food related art, but the shows lately have been really great. The latest, Punctuation and Grammar, is up right now at Bloc 11 Cafe in Union Square, Somerville, and there’s an opening party on Sunday with coffee and prints.

sriracha and pizza art.png

Food gifts you can buy from me if you’re so inclined

La Quercia then and now

La Quercia is an American producer of Prosciutto, a traditional Italian cured meat. It’s a remarkable product and if you see it somewhere you should buy it. They were recently profiled in the NY Times, which makes sense because of how good their Prosciutto is. What is strange, however, is practically the same article was written 4 years ago. In the NY Times. It’s cool. I like reading about them.


For years, he imagined making good food in Iowa. “It was clear that we had this incredible bounty around us, but we weren’t known for creating great stuff to eat,” he told me, stretching his rangy frame at his dining room table. (Clearly things have changed: his wife, Kathy, was serving us apple pie whose heartbreaking crust was made with lard rendered from acorn-fed organic Berkshire pigs, their latest project.) “At the beginning of the 20th century, Iowa fed people. And here we are in the 21st century, and we’re feeding machines. It’s just a priori wrong.” He continued: “People were saying, ‘Iowa’s dying, and there’s no value added here.’ At that point I was thinking, Gosh, I wonder if we can make prosciutto in Iowa.”


The Eckhouses developed their taste for the thinly sliced, richly marbled cured ham during the 3 1/2 years they lived in Parma, Italy, where Mr. Eckhouse was the chief executive of the Italian subsidiary of what was then known as Pioneer Hi-Bred International, the seed company in Des Moines. They lived an Italian life, sent their children to Italian preschools and ate prosciutto two or three times a week. “We didn’t learn anything about making it, but we learned about eating it,” Mr. Eckhouse said.

When they returned to Iowa in 1989, they were struck by the beauty of the landscape, with crops “bursting out of the ground and the rich black soil,” he said. “You think: ‘This is amazing. What are we making here that we can be proud of? What are we making that shows that we really appreciate this bounty?’ ”

La Quercia then and now

San Francisco Bacon and Beer Festival

Bacon wayne SF

I’m doing my first San Francisco event, the San Francisco Bacon and Beer Festival, on August 25th at the Fairmont SF. It feature 45+ restaurants and breweries with proceeds going to Sprouts Cooking Club. I’m pretty psyched for this, but I don’t really know anyone in the media out there, so we need a bit of help. Please tell anyone you know in the Bay Area, or you can invite them to the Facebook event page. Also very helpful is clicking the Like button.

San Francisco Bacon and Beer Festival

Bacon and Beer Festival Wayne’s World Poster

I’m in love with this year’s Bacon and Beer Festival art. It’s by Chris Piascik who is great at art, but lousy at being friendly.

Bacon wayne 600px

Also, we have new branding for Bacon and Beer Festival by Josh LaFayette who is great at art AND great at being friendly. Go figure.

BnB Logo 600px

T Shirts and details and ticket info available in a couple weeks.

Bacon and Beer Festival Wayne’s World Poster

BLT Battle at Sea Karaoke Harbor Cruise

BLTBattle 480

The BLT Battle at Sea is my next food event in Boston. It’s a 3 hour cruise around Boston Harbor with BLTs from 4 awesome Boston restaurants and food trucks (Trina’s Starlite Lounge, Chez Henri, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, and Staff Meal), beer from Smuttynose and Clown Shoes. Saint Germain will also be on board making a Sunday Funday beer cocktail with Smuttynose called the Star Island Shandy.

Because no harbor cruise is complete without karaoke, there will also be karaoke. You can get tickets here. PS Check out the awesome BLT Battle art by Josh LaFayette.

BLT Battle at Sea Karaoke Harbor Cruise

Bacon and Beer Fest recap

It’s been slow around Unlikely Words lately because I just put on the Boston Bacon and Beer Festival. We had 28 restaurants, 18 brewers (about 45 total beers), and 1450 attendees (along with about 200 vendors and 30 volunteers) at the House of Blues on Lansdowne St, right across the street from Fenway Park. It was pretty rad, if a little too crowded. Best of all, we raised a bit over $22K for two local hunger relief organizations, Lovin’ Spoonfuls and Community Servings.

This is the third year of the Bacon and Beer Fest, and last year after it sold out in 2 minutes, I wanted to make it possible for more people to participate. This year I partnered with to turn Bacon and Beer Fest into Bacon and Beer Week, so from April 28 – May 5, there were bacon and beer themed events all over Boston. This included restaurant specials around town, a Bacon and Beer Karaoke Harbor Cruise, and a bacon and beer inspired art show from Super Precious Art Gallery (a new project of mine). Below are some links related to the week if you wanted to read more and so I can have them all in one place. Thanks to all the vendors, volunteers, and especially Jessie (for letting me talk about this incessantly for 10 weeks) and Alex (for letting me talk about this incessantly for 10 weeks and doing the dirty work).

-The line to get into the fest was long. I didn’t get to check it out, but if you know Boston, the line went all the way down to the ATM in Kenmore Square. Here are a few other pictures I liked.

-We totally packed the HOB. Here’s a picture I took. Here’s one I found on Twitter.
Here’s a picture from Robert Gill.

-Here’s a Bacon and Beer Fest photo gallery by And here’s a gallery from BostInno. And here’s one from Mike Johnson.

-On the day after Bacon and Beer Fest, we did a karaoke cruise around Boston Harbor. There was a gigantic box of fried chicken skins, and things got weird resulting in people being duct taped to a column on the dance floor. A few days later, we had an art opening in a dive bar. It actually didn’t get weird.

-Upon entry to the Bacon and Beer Fest, everyone is given one cup and one spork, both compostable, to use throughout the event. This seems to do an OK job limiting the amount of waste created. In the first year, we were pretty combative when people asked for a replacement, but age has softened us.

Chris Piascik and Josh LaFayette made some awesome shirt designs. All told I ordered 465 shirts which weighed 154 pounds.
bacon and beer shirts

-I know of at least 3 people who got the bacon and beer hat trick by attending the festival, the karaoke cruise, and the art show.

Here’s a screenshot of the server load experienced the hour tickets went on sale. The site…crashed.

-Bacon and Beer Fest got some really good press this year. I’m pretty excited about the coverage in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald (Herald again), The Weekly Dig, a blog, another blog, and I was on TV again, doing a little bit better than last time.

-And now I can stop talking about or thinking about bacon and beer for a while.

Bacon and Beer Fest recap

Super Precious Art Gallery Bacon and Beer Art Show

Super Precious

I think I told you a couple weeks ago about a new project I was working on, an art gallery called Super Precious with regular group shows featuring art inspired by a certain theme. Last week in conjunction with Boston Bacon and Beer Week we did a pop up opening of the latest show, art inspired by bacon and/or beer. The pieces above are just 4 of 18 pieces for the show. I’m psyched about how the art came out, psyched to get this all going. We’ve got the next couple themes planned out, I think you’ll like them. Check out to see (and buy) all the pieces.

Super Precious Art Gallery Bacon and Beer Art Show

2010 Boston Bacon & Beer Festival


Posting has been light the last couple weeks as I’ve been putting together the 2010 Boston Bacon & Beer Festival with SoWa Sundays. One of the other things I do besides Unlikely Words is @eatBoston, a local food and restaurant information source. I like to put on events with Boston area restaurants every couple months.

It’s probably an impossible task, but I’d like to shift the direction of the bacon meme. It’s tired. In order to do this, I asked some of Boston’s best restaurants to offer a unique take on bacon. Along with some great local and craft breweries, there will also be butchery demonstrations showing attendees where bacon comes from. And what’s a festival without music? The event sold out over 1300 tickets 3 weeks ahead of the event and there will be no tickets available at the door. Chris Piascik did the poster above along with some other designs.

For a full list of the restaurants and breweries, you can visit the info page.

2010 Boston Bacon & Beer Festival

The New York Times Kills Itself and Bacon Meme at Same Time

A couple weeks ago, The New York Times wisely introduced Article Skimmer as an additional way for readers to interact with the news. It’s fast, intuitive, and easy to use. I put this in the solidly innovative column that I’ve seen a bunch of from the Times over the last year or so.

But then let me introduce Skimmer’s Bacon topic. I’ve been trying to think of a way to kill the bacon meme since January or so, but the New York Times just did it for me. I’m tired of the internet that allows lazy marketers to layer whatever they want with bacon and score cheap internet traffic. That’s not an internet I want to live in, and I don’t think that’s the internet you want either.

I can’t help but think the bacon topic is aimed at this cheap internet traffic and by catering to it, the New York Times has debased itself. Who do they think they are, really? They could have maintained their stodgy standoffishness, but by rolling around the mud with the pigs…well, let’s just say that ‘arbiter of cool’ The New York Times is not. To say nothing of the fact that if you’re a meme, and people send around links about you, and then everyone on the internet is talking about you, and then The Paper of Record talks about you, you’re not a meme anymore. You’ve baconed the Times or some other cute play on jumping the shark. It should be noted for the record that, for the sake of my argument, I’ve ignored the likely scenario that the Topics on Skimmer are automatically created based on what the readers are searching for and reading. If that’s not how Topics get created, well that’s just sad. (Thanks, Aaron!)

Click image to enlarge.

The New York Times Kills Itself and Bacon Meme at Same Time