Alex Rodriguez Revealed More than Peter Gammons Expected

Some folks went after Peter Gammons last week for softballing A-Rod some questions during his first interview after it was revealed he had taken performance enhancing drugs.

In a note from the ESPN ombudsman Gammon says Rodriguez spilled more than was expected and at that point, Gammons wanted to keep him talking.

Gammons told me, as well as other interviewers, that he was stunned by Rodriguez’s admission that he had taken banned substances for three years.

“When I talked informally with Alex the night before,” Gammons said, “I got the impression he was going to say whatever he tested positive for in 2003 was related to prescription drugs he had taken for a back injury in spring training.”

People also busted on Gammons for not defending fellow journalist Selena Roberts from A-Rod’s spurious attacks that A-Rod later apologized for.

…Gammons said he regrets not challenging Rodriguez when he mounted an attack on Roberts, calling the Sports Illustrated reporter “a stalker” and falsely accusing her of trespassing and trying “to break into my house where my girls are up there sleeping.”

“I know Selena and have great respect for her,” Gammons said, “and I know a lot of people were offended that I didn’t rise up immediately to defend her. It so stunned me, I was sitting there thinking, people at home are going to say, ‘Alex, your first answer already validated what she wrote.’ But in hindsight, I wish I had said, ‘This is not germane here,’ and cut it off.”

(Via Baseball Musings)

Alex Rodriguez Revealed More than Peter Gammons Expected