How to make your own Die Hard Christmas tree ornament.

We’ve all by now seen this excellent Die Hard Christmas tree ornament, but since it got spread around virally so late in the year no one had any time to sell them (ahem, Etsy). You can buy Die Hard for $.01 if you need it.


So here are some instructions on what you’ll need to do to make your own. If you really want to go for it, you’ll probably need to go find one of these foil gift boxes to cut up. Otherwise, you can do what I did and use tin foil and a cereal box. You’ll also need scissors, tape, a cereal box, a color printer, and a toilet paper or paper towel tube.

STEP 1: Print out multiple sized John McClane pictures from the air duct so you can see which one you’ll need. One thing I realized is that toilet paper tubes don’t have a big enough circumference, so you’ll need to use a bigger tube if you want to have an ornament bigger than about 2 inches by 2 inches.


Step 2: Cut out your selected John McClane picture.


Step 3: Cut toilet paper tube to size with watchful cat not lifting a paw to help.


Step 4: Tape picture to tube.


Step 5: Take cereal box and cut out panels for the duct using the toilet paper tube as a guide. Instead of keeping the tube circular, I made it more of an oval so it could be a littler wider. Tape the panels into a line.


Step 6: Wrap cereal box panels in foil. I put the shiny side out, but maybe you want to put the shiny side in. It’s entirely up to you.


Step 7Tape panels into a rectangle. I also added a back panel. Put the tube in and you’re almost done with your very own Die Hard Christmas tree ornament.


Step 8: Fashion a hook out of a paper clip and tape to the top of the ornament.


Step 9: Put onto the tree and enjoy.


How to make your own Die Hard Christmas tree ornament.

8 thoughts on “How to make your own Die Hard Christmas tree ornament.

  1. […] The nets are raging this week over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Maybe people raged every year and I didn’t know. Anyway, is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Of course, someone had to survey people on this question, and the results overwhelmingly say that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. Those people are wrong, and to prove it, we go to see what Christmas movies people stream and search for this time of year. A big thank you to the people in Washington, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Virginia, you are correct. For giggles, you can read Roger Ebert’s Die Hard review from 1988 and make your own Die Hard Christmas tree ornament. […]


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