“Bees are cows without fences”

I guess stealing bees is a thing. Beekeepers rent out their hives to farmers all over the country, and they actually make more rental income than honey income. From time to time, they have to deal with thieves making off with their bees. Also, I guess Weather.com has a long form section?

Bees are unique when it comes to agricultural property. When almonds get stolen by nut-nappers (yes, the actual term for nut thieves), the farmers still own the trees and can rely on the crop next year. If farming equipment gets stolen, it’s a hassle to replace, but at least the farmers still have their crops. But bees are everything to beekeepers. They are the employees, the equipment and the product. Honey is stored in the hive, as are the eggs that will populate the hive in the future. Without beehives, a beekeeper has lost his livelihood.

“Bees are cows without fences”

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