Up Up Down Down: Side Projects That Give Us Extra Life


I’m very happy to announce Up Up Down Down: Side Projects That Give Us Extra Life, a mini conference-like event I’m putting together in a few weeks at Commonwealth Cambridge. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together something like this for a year or two, so I’m excited it’s finally coming together. There are currently 3 speakers, Carolyn Sewell, Darius Kazemi, and Chris Piascik, but very shortly more will be announced. The idea of a day of talks dedicated to side projects appeals to me because everything I’ve got going on is a side project. The projects that make up the bulk of my income still feel like side projects because I’m (luckily) never stuck working on one thing too long. That’s how it feels anyway. A lot of the people I know have other stuff going on, and I was lucky enough to convince them to come talk to us.

Whiskey Rebellion is another event I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s a showcase of American brown spirits, mostly rye and bourbon, but also some American single malts. Whiskey Rebellion tickets went on sale today and sold out in a few hours, but the first 20 people who buy a ticket to Up Up Down Down will get a free ticket to Whiskey Rebellion, too. UUDD attendees will also get lunch and probably some snacks and/or beer. That’s still up in the air.

The UUDD name is a nod to the Konami code and the extra lives the code gets (got) you in Contra. And like most my events, I came up with the name before really having an idea for the format of the event. Thanks to Kevin, Garrett, Sarah, and even Richard, actually to pretty much anyone I talked in the last three months, for helping give shape to UUDD. Special thanks to Andrew Simone for the yeomen web design and to Chris Piascik for the logo.

Please let me know if you have any questions. It would be great if you came out!

Up Up Down Down: Side Projects That Give Us Extra Life

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