Bands that were good, but blew it

The AV Club recently asked Melvin’s frontman Buzz Osborne to put together a mix around a specific theme. He chose “bands that were good, but blew it” to hilarious effect.

They started off so promising and ended up so ridiculous. It’s an Elvis scenario: You give any penniless hick $1 million and they’re going to go crazy. I’m sure Metallica is surrounded by sycophant yes men who do nothing but agree with them. Nobody is there to go, “Guys, this is fucking horrible and you guys are acting like idiots!” Although the new bass player has certainly been insulated from that, because he wasn’t around for some of that stuff. I met him and he was a super-nice guy. Those guys from Metallica are nice. I’m just pointing out their failures on a musical and functional level. That’s it—nothing personal.

Via @Seth_Cohen

Bands that were good, but blew it

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