13 most read New Yorker articles of the year

Nicholas Thompson posted the 13 most read New Yorker articles of 2013 yesterday…as a slide-show. There’s a lot to keep you busy over the next couple days if you’re tired of fighting with your parents and just want to curl up on you childhood bed beneath the Backstreet Boys posters and cuddle with a mug of tea and a good tablet. For what it’s worth, I think I read 5 of these, started two others, and had the rest open in the tab attic for weeks before banishing them to Didntreadistan. The 13 most read New Yorker blog posts are here.

A Pickpocket’s Tale,” by Adam Green, January 7th.
The Science of Sex Abuse,” by Rachel Aviv, January 14th.
The Operator,” by Michael Specter, February 4th.
A Mass Shooter’s Tragic Past,” by Patrick Radden Keefe, February 11th.
Requiem for a Dream,” by Larissa MacFarquhar, March 11th.
The Master,” by Marc Fisher, April 1st.
A Word from Our Sponsor,” by Jane Mayer. May 27th.
The Lyme Wars,” by Michael Specter, July 1st.
Slow Ideas,” by Atul Gawande, July 29th.
Trial by Twitter,” by Ariel Levy, August 5th.
Taken,” by Sarah Stillman, August 12th.
The Shadow Commander,” by Dexter Filkins, September 30th.
Now We Are Five,” by David Sedaris, October 28th.

13 most read New Yorker articles of the year

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