Closing the Waffle House

I like Waffle House. This article about the closing of a Waffle House in Bloomington, Indiana could be the saddest thing you read today. It’s mostly sad because it profiles some of the regular customers, but also because the dishwasher comes to watch the building torn down. Also, it says the Waffle House was the second oldest restaurant in Bloomington, even though it opened in 1967. That must be continuously operating restaurant, right?

At 79, Bud was tired. Except for Christmas, the restaurant was always open, day and night. Now a developer wanted to replace it with another apartment building for college kids. The offer was too good to pass up.

“Where are we gonna eat?” the old-timers kept asking.

“I don’t know,” Bud said. “Where am I gonna eat?”

This had been his place for 16,767 mornings. None ever felt like this.

Via Longreads

Closing the Waffle House

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