Grand Theft Auto V has two playable stock exchanges

I suppose it’s always good for people to learn how the stock market works. Kevin Roose has a look at the exchanges, and a recent effort to manipulate the markets.

• There are two playable stock exchanges inside GTA V: LCN and BAWSAQ. On each of these exchanges, you can buy and sell stocks using the virtual cash you amass during the course of the game. (This cash has no real-world value, but it can be used to buy houses, airplane hangars, and other cool things inside the game.)

• Most of the time, these stock prices appear to move randomly. But in certain missions, your character is given a tip that, due to an in-game event (usually, an assassination of a CEO), a company’s stock is about to rise or fall precipitously. When this happens, you’re supposed to load up on the stock (or its competitor’s stock), kill the CEO, then profit from your trades.

• Rockstar Games, the makers of GTA V, have hinted (but never confirmed) that BAWSAQ, the second exchange, might be dynamic — in other words, it might move in response to the actions of other GTA V players, whose trades feed into a central online database. If thousands of players around the world happen to buy a bunch of guns simultaneously, the theory went, the BAWSAQ might reflect that activity by raising the price of Ammu-Nation stock (Ammu-Nation being the store where guns are purchased).

• There is no penalty for insider trading or securities fraud in Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto V has two playable stock exchanges

2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V has two playable stock exchanges

  1. At first, the idea of introducing stock trading in GTA V sounded weird. After all, this video game is known for its crime-based themes and gamers were definitely expecting to see more of that. However, come to think of it, trading in Los Santos stocks does add some diversity to GTA V. For this addition, Rockstar has given gamers some interesting gameplay content for added entertainment.


  2. I’m with you Garry but i think this is a very interesting addition and will ad to the overall complexity of the game. I just can’t wait until we have a multiplayer version available.


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