Bank robbery beginning to end

I liked that this piece had the entire story of a crime, from planning to prosecution, with some bonus criminal stupidity to boot.

In 2011 the Federal Reserve physically handled transfers of about $640 billion in cash. That’s about 35 billion bills. The money mainly passes through a handful of cash logistics companies, themselves a $14 billion sector of the U.S. economy. The most famous and important of these companies is Brink’s, which dates to 1859. It handles an average of about 250 flights worldwide each day, part of about 1,500 high-value shipments the company runs daily.

Despite the rivers of cash, surprisingly little is stolen. Armored carriers overall reported only 42 thefts in 2011, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. On those rare occasions when money is snatched, however, things can get messy. In February 2012 a Garda driver in Pittsburgh allegedly shot his partner in the back of the head before driving off with $2.3 million. In December, four men shot a Loomis armored car driver in the face before taking the truck from a Maryland strip mall.

Bank robbery beginning to end

One thought on “Bank robbery beginning to end

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Aaron,

    There was an event in Edmonton last year where a man that was working for a security detail similar to Brinks (G4S) murdered 3 of his co-workers and put the 4th into a critical state, all on our University campus. He tried to escape over the border but was caught by border security.

    Earlier this week he was handed down the most severe sentence Canada has given since Arthur Lucas was executed in 1962. All for just over $300,000.00

    More information:


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