Yes, I know I should back up my data

On Thursday night, I was using my Macbook Air when I heard a pop and the screen went dark. A few seconds later, I smelled electric smoke, and the computer would not turn on. I quickly saw my data flash before my eyes, and realized I wouldn’t miss most of what was on the computer at the moment, except for two files I’d been working on (and needed for Monday morning). Yes, I know I should be backing everything up. And I promise I will going forward.

I made an appointment at the Genius Bar and didn’t really expect much except I’d be without a computer for a week and may or may not get my data back. The Genius at the Genius Bar checked out my computer, and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, but couldn’t get it to turn on either. He asked if I had the data backed up, because if so, the computer would go out to a service center to get repaired. If not, it’d stay in the store. The distinction is the service center wipes all the drives for some reason.

In any case, I asked if it was possible to get the two files off the computer before leaving it with them to get repaired. Apple doesn’t do data recovery, apparently ever. There was no way for him to mount the drive from my Air somewhere and get those two files. His explanation was that most data recovery jobs would be on drives that were already faulty or failing, and it makes sense why they wouldn’t want to get involved in that. But what was frustrating about the entire conversation was the clear opinion of this Genius that the hardware failure of the Air was completely unrelated to me being without my data. That is, he couldn’t even understand my point that the reason I didn’t have the data was because the hardware failed. Yes, I know I should be backing everything up. And I promise I will going forward. But seriously, unless Apple’s cloud services get better, I’m not sure it makes sense for Apple to assume everyone is backing up all the time.

Yes, I know I should back up my data

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