Follow up to Dollar Shave Club commercial

Last year’s Dollar Shave Club commercial was amazingly successful at getting people talking about Dollar Shave Club. It was refreshing, funny, and seemed to come from out of nowhere. I called it the best commercial of the year. I can’t imagine them ever topping it, so it’s not surprising this follow up commercial isn’t as good. On the other hand, it’s a product designed primarily to get people talking about it. And here I am. Again, the commercial isn’t as funny, but the product just might be the first to successfully disrupt the almighty toilet paper industry.

True story: Senior year in college, I had a fiction workshop taught by a Pulitzer prize winner and one of the two stories was about a guy who invented some sort of limited wipe technology, which had the evil Toilet Paper Lobby all up in a tizzy. I should try to find that story.

Follow up to Dollar Shave Club commercial

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