Meet Campbell Grace

Gracie small

I didn’t mean to put this off for so long. Our baby, Gracie, is 4 weeks old today and she’s great. I wish I had more amazing stuff to say about being a parent, but it boils down eventually to, “This is weird.” I wasn’t a dad 4 weeks ago, and although, we had about 9 months to prepare, I’m a dad now and it’s weird. Good weird, for sure. 100%, but weird.

We’ve been really lucky so far that Gracie has been mellow. She doesn’t always go to sleep or stay asleep, but when she starts to fuss, she calms down really quickly. Actually the first two weeks she mostly slept anyway. The last two weeks, she’s had longer periods of alertness, sometimes in the middle of the night. Like any baby, I guess. She gained back her birth weight and then some really quickly really and the pediatrician told us we could skip her two week appointment. I bragged about that to everyone.

We didn’t know if we were going to have a boy or a girl, but I think we might have both thought we were going to have a boy. We knew what the boy’s nickname was going to be, probably from imagining it, but not the girl’s. One other important impact of not finding out the baby’s gender ahead of time is it wasn’t until Gracie was a few days old before we received her first piece of pink clothing. I hadn’t spent any time considering a baby girl’s sartorial options, but had a mini panic attack on her second day when my aunt mentioned all the cute frilly dresses you can get for a little girl. She’s free wear whatever she wants down the road, but it’s only fair to let her know there are other options before confining her to girl stuff for the rest of her life.

She coos and burbles, and she grunts a ton while she’s sleeping. There’s a sound she makes consistently, it sounds like “Ayoooouu.” It was amazing to see her first sneeze, and then to see her eating minutes after being born because this tiny thing was doing something human. And more recently when she startles and her hands fly out. I like when she’s calm and looking at me, us, anything, even though I know she’s not focusing on anything yet. James, our older cat was wary of her originally, but is less so now. Ducky, our one year old cat, was fascinated with Gracie right away, and spends a lot of time just generally being around her.

We’ve been really lucky so far that our time hasn’t been too structured. If Gracie doesn’t sleep well, we can sleep a few hours later the next morning. It makes a huge difference in how we see the day. Either that, or we’re lucky have a really easy baby. We’ve heard it can change quick, but hopefully Gracie will continue to be a mellow baby.

Photo above by the awesome Tony Luong. All the other pictures you see will likely be hurried iPhone pictures.

Meet Campbell Grace

6 thoughts on “Meet Campbell Grace

  1. Susan Lyman says:

    AAron, I enjoyed reading your wonderful introduction to little Gracie. I remember fondly our many memories of you and Jessie helping Abigail pack for her many adventures. Her adventures continue as your adventure into parenthood begins. It is an amazing adventure. Love to you and your family.


  2. I enjoyed reading your article. It was nice and very good to read. Baby Gracie is so cute! I can’t blame Duckie from being immediately fascinated by her. ๐Ÿ˜€ Having a baby in the house is a wonderful feeling. It’s like everything she does can make you smile. Thank you for sharing this! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Very nice piece Aaron. Just as it’s almost impossible to convey the feeling of being a parent or experiencing childbirth to those who have not done it, I think it’s almost impossible to be completely prepared for it no matter what you do. I have three children and they were all very different from birth until today. Both you and Gracie will be very happy one day that you took the time to record your thoughts. Enjoy each new moment. I know you will make a great Dad.


  4. John Bigay says:

    I love absolutely everything about this post, starting with that beautiful picture at the beginning. Congratulations and welcome to the club!


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