Google Reader is shutting down

Google announced yesterday they’re shutting down Google Reader, you’ve likely heard. A user base, which was probably never very big to begin with has been declining and Google wants to focus resources on a smaller amount of products. It has always seemed to me as though everyone I know online uses Google Reader or did once, and everyone I know offline doesn’t. And there’s your problem. Personally, I was still using GR at least once or twice a day, but my use has dwindled until now I really only use it for 4 or 5 sites, even though I can’t bear to unsubscribe from the others.

There will be alternatives offered in the next couple months, and since Google shut down Share a couple years ago, Reader hasn’t been as fun or useful. As an aside, Google is completely within their rights to shut down any of their products, but why would anyone start using Google+ at this point? Won’t that get shut down someday, too?

In any case, if you’re using Google Reader to follow Unlikely Words, consider following along on Twitter.

Google Reader is shutting down

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