Cheese fire round up

Until this year, I’d never heard of cheese fires, but in January this story captured my heart and now I go through phases where I can’t think of anything except cheese fires. And lo, there have been two in the last month since the Norway cheese tunnel disaster.

3 Women Start Cheese Plant Fire in Effort to Kill Man.”

One of the women got into an argument with an unidentified man that escalated to a physical altercation, Turlock police Officer Mayra Lewis told the newspaper. The man then climbed into the plant’s rafters in an attempt to escape.

The women then allegedly started the fire “knowing that the victim was in the rafters,” Lewis said.

Cheese Factory Catches Fire in Middle of Montreal’s Poutine Week.”

The smell of burned cheese lingered in the air following Sunday’s cheese factory fire southeast of Ottawa. With the blaze went Canada’s gold standard of cheese curds.

Just days in to Montreal’s inaugural Poutine Week, a celebration of the quintessentially Canadian dish, the blaze gutted the St-Albert Cheese Factory, a 118-year-old dairy co-operative believed to be Canada’s second-biggest producer of cheese curds, a vital ingredient in poutine.

There were worries about how the fire would affect Montreal’s celebration of the French-Canadian dish, but the organization says it will rebuild.

Cheese fire round up

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