‘This game is rigged, man’ – 25 best food moments from The Wire

I’m not a fan of slideshows, but this one at least has enough videos that you can watch almost an entire episode’s worth of The Wire. First We Feast compiled their 25 favorite food-related scenes from The Wire, and because this blog is a repository for The Wire themed link bait, I am posting it. Here’s number 12.

Season: Four
Episode Name: “Final Grades”

After getting charges dropped on Bodie, McNulty takes him for some lunch in a park over near Pimlico. This meeting prefigures the circumstances that lead to Bodie being killed, as having close dealings with a cop eventually gets him pegged as a snitch. Still, lunch acts as a common ground, a sort of neutralizer of roles. Over sandwiches in the arboretum, McNulty is not a cop for a moment, and Bodie not a lieutenant for Marlo. They are just a couple of guys working in two separate systems that are screwing them over. This is the second time that lunch brings the two together not as cat and mouse, but as two men who respect each other.

‘This game is rigged, man’ – 25 best food moments from The Wire

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