Scott Brown debate preparation generator


Signs point to former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown running for John Kerry’s seat when it opens up later this year. Last night, Brown seemingly got a bit tipsy, and possibly revealed his future debate strategy. I thought whomever his Democratic opponent is might want to prepare for this type of debate by practicing with this debate generator. If you’d like to practice debating Senator Brown, ask a question or express a position in the box below and click “Request Scott Brown’s Response.”

var putput = function() {
fi = $(“input[name=’statement’]”).val();
if (!fi || fi === “”) { return; }
var fields = {
response: [“Bqhatevwr”, “Whatever”, “Yes. Get ready,”, “Your brilliant”, “Bqhatevwr”,]
var rand = function(x){return x[Math.floor(Math.random()*x.length)];};
var result = rand(fields[‘response’]);

Enter a political position here: 

Request Scott Brown’s position

Scott Brown debate preparation generator

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