Profile of Snoop Lion

Big profile of Snoop Lion by Drew Magary in GQ.

I’m here today to talk with Snoop about his recent transformation into the reggae artist known as Snoop Lion, a persona reboot that includes a new album called Reincarnated as well as a feature-length documentary, also called Reincarnated, which premiered this fall at the Toronto International Film Festival and is part promotional tool, part Snoop hagiography, part Jamaican travelogue, and all weed porn. The majority of the film features Snoop communing with Jamaican elders whose ancient tangles of sun-poisoned dreadlocks actually look like weed. Snoop smokes with them in the studio. He smokes with them in the jungle. He smokes with reggae legend Bunny Wailer (pronounce it wee-lah for the full effect), who is never seen without his own pipe, made from nothing more than a straw and a hollowed-out carrot.

The album and the movie are part of what Snoop is calling a spiritual rebirth. Because while there are certain things about the man born Calvin Broadus that will never change—his love for smoking up, his mellow flow—he’s clearly not the kid he was twenty years ago, when he rose to prominence out of Long Beach, California, as Dr. Dre’s protégé and became a pivotal figure in the Death Row/Bad Boy hip-hop battles of the 1990s. Snoop is now 41 years old, and when I ask him if he ever imagined he’d live this long, his answer comes fast.

Profile of Snoop Lion

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