List of approved names

A girl in Sweden Iceland is suing the government to get her name approved. It’s not on the list of approved names, and so on official documents, she’s named as ‘girl’. I guess the government does what it needs to do to prevent parents naming their babies Hashtag.

Like a handful of other countries, including Germany and Denmark, Iceland has official rules about what a baby can be named. In a country comfortable with a firm state role, most people don’t question the Personal Names Register, a list of 1,712 male names and 1,853 female names that fit Icelandic grammar and pronunciation rules and that officials maintain will protect children from embarrassment. Parents can take from the list or apply to a special committee that has the power to say yea or nay.
Given names are even more significant in tiny Iceland that in many other countries: Everyone is listed in the phone book by their first names. Surnames are based on a parent’s given name. Even the president, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, is addressed simply as Olafur.

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List of approved names

One thought on “List of approved names

  1. Aaron Pik says:

    Seems like she’s probably in Iceland, not Sweden. Crazy.
    My boss always tells us about a hospital where he worked where they had occasion to tell people “Chlamydia is not a flower” when they were considering it as a name.


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