Shark on reel gets eaten by other shark

A couple years ago, I interviewed George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File, and he described the scenario caught in the video below.

What’s the weirdest shark story you’ve ever experienced?
Well, one of the best stories I would guess was a 3 sharks on one hook experience. While fishing in North Carolina one time, using a long line, which is a method scientists use to catch sharks to do biological studies, we caught a dogfish shark on the hook, which was then eaten by a black tip shark, and then a larger shark, a bull shark, grabbed the black tip shark. So when we pulled the bull shark in lo and behold, we found 2 other sharks that had been on the same hook. We caught 3 sharks on one hook.

Hmm. Lucky.


And here’s a video of a guy getting bit by a bull shark, while being filmed among about a dozen bull sharks. He says, “There’s nothing I could have done.” Except for maybe not walking around in Shark Village.

Shark on reel gets eaten by other shark

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