10 favorite things from 2012

A friend asked me to put together a list of my top 10 favorite things of 2012. Now, you know I love the internet, so this list is mostly things from there. And normally when I see something I like, I post it online, so I looked through everything I posted this year and pulled out my favorite internet things. Some of this stuff might be from before 2012, but I discovered it this year, so it fits. While looking through everything I posted this year, I also, pulled out everything else I really liked a lot. So there’s my top 10 favorite things from 2012, and then the honorable mentions. There are no longreads on this list, which I think I might do in another post. The posts below are mostly from here and Kottke.org, where I’ve been posting regularly this year.

Top 10 favorite things of 2012 in no specific order.
Dancing in Houston Robyn vs Whitney mashup.
Dub step cat.
Bonkers Russian gymnastics video.
Ducky the new black kitten we got this summer. But also, James.
San Diego Fireworks show. Second angle.
The chicken nuggets at Tasty Burger.
Dollar Shave Club commercial
List of Ancient Pompeian graffiti including “Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!”
Some boats in a race.
Cannonball on frozen pool.

2012 Favorite things honorable mentions
Sperm from cooked squid can implant in your mouth.
NFL punter kicks Maryland politician around over gay marriage
Bill Clinton plays M83.
How hot dogs are made again.
I love this screaming sheep.
Downhill skateboarder hits deer.
BMX breakdancing.
Mister Rogers remixed.
Machine that can create anything.
Shutter speed synced with helicopter rotors.
Mario goes berserk.
Great white shark remix.
Using a plastic bottle to separate eggs.
Mr. Wizard’s a dick.
What happens when you crack an egg 60 feet under water??
Wastelander Panda.
Yogurt gives mice bigger balls.
100% the best skateboarding video I saw today.
Slow motion skating.

What about you? What’d you like this year?

10 favorite things from 2012

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