Anna is a stool pigeon

Theres a song on the solo album by Tom Gabel of Against Me! called ‘Anna is a Stool Pigeon.’ (Gabel now goes by Laura Jane Grace, but the album came out when she was a he, so…) Anyway, the song is about an FBI informant who entraps some eco-activists into a bomb plot. I never bothered to research the story since their are so many details in the song, but here’s a profile of Anna the stool pigeon and Eric McDavid, the guy serving 20 years in jail.

Anna had a sharp tongue and was quick to laugh, and McDavid was both attracted and intimidated. She dropped names of activists she knew and had obvious experience, while he was a newbie who hadn’t done anything. McDavid was an occasional student at Sierra College, in his hometown of Auburn, California, a gentle, athletic redhead who’d played high-school football, had worked as a carpenter, and was interested in political protest and anarchist theory. He came from a loving family and had never experienced any particular radicalizing event other than a few sobering moments when he grasped the effects of construction sprawl on his beloved Sierra Nevada. The wildest thing he’d ever done was march against the war in Iraq.

Anna is a stool pigeon

One thought on “Anna is a stool pigeon

  1. Ha, wow – very interesting write-up! It’s crazy that I too immediately think of a song when read/hear the words “stool pigeon.” However, my association isn’t with Against Me! (though I am Instapaper-ing the shit out of this and your Tom Gabel articles).

    No matter what, I will always think of Kid Creole & The Coconuts’ version of “Stool Pigeon” » which of course I would have never been privy to if it weren’t for The Avalanches spell-bounding DJ set “GIMIX”.


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