College football fans

I never saw the viral video talked about in this long ESPN piece, maybe because people in the Northeast don’t really like college sports to the extent people in the rest of the country do. In any case, it’s a #longread about an Alabama fan teabagging a passed out LSU fan and the impact the action had on both of their lives. The teabagger was arrested and is going to jail for 10 months, which seemed like a long time to me at first. Then I got to the end of the article and realized there’s zero mention of the tebagger apologizing at any time, even when given the chance in the interview, and it makes me think the guy is an even bigger prick than described.

For a while, the friends ragged him, but before long they were asleep. Downing was in disbelief. He spent much of the way home playing the what-if game, trying to think through the various consequences that might come from putting his balls on another man’s face. By the time he pulled into his driveway, though, he’d convinced himself that, yes, what had happened was stupid, monumentally stupid. But worse things happen on Bourbon Street every night, don’t they? He went inside. He kissed his wife and baby. Within a day or so, Brian Downing stopped worrying about the incident altogether.

In the not-too-distant past — before the ubiquity of camera phones, before social media, before people ate up their days watching videos on the Internet — that’s surely where this story would have ended.

College football fans

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