Impolitic: Propaganda for Non-Politicians

The latest Super Precious show is up and it’s called Impolitic: Propaganda for Non-Politicians. I was trying to pick one or two pieces from the show, but it was too hard. They’re all pretty great. I figured a better way to get your attention would be to list the references/causes represented in the show.

In all, there are 27 pieces from 21 artists. Click through to check them out.

Agent Dale Cooper / Twin Peaks
Biggie Smalls
Calvin & Hobbes and Susie
Shredder / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Johnny Cash
Megatron / Transformers
Donkey Kong
Jack Donaghy / 30 Rock
George Takei / Star Trek
Dr. Who
Nancy Grace

Impolitic: Propaganda for Non-Politicians

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