Lone Star Taco (NYC) Fundraiser

UPDATE 4:00pm:
Thank you! We have more than doubled our goal to send Lonestar Taco out to give away free tacos. They will be going out Sunday, and pending logistics, they may go for a second day, too. The balance of the donations will be donated to funds providing immediate relief in NYC, and if you’d still like to support this effort, please consider donating to one of the pages below. I’m very excited about how the Boston food community and friends from around the country came together to make this possible. Your generosity is amazing.

Other ways to help:
Brooklyn Recovery Fund

I was relieved on Monday when Boston was relatively unscathed by Hurricane Sandy, but that relief was tempered Monday evening when reports started coming out of the destruction in New York City. Things are going to be hard there for weeks and months. I’ve been heartened by stories of people stepping up and helping their neighbors and strangers, offering something as simple as a plug to charge a cell phone. On Thursday morning, I saw that some friends of friends, Lonestar Taco from NYC were headed out to make tacos for people in lower Manhattan, an area especially hard hit by Sandy. They’ve got a stall at the New Amsterdam Market and wanted to help in their neighborhood. It seemed extremely generous of them, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Later in the afternoon, I wondered if the Boston food community could do something to help Lone Star feed more people. A few hours later, I was talking to Tracie from Lonestar on the phone and asking if they’d be willing to go out again if Boston could pay for it. And here we are, so Boston food lovers, it is time to step up. (Actually, you don’t have to be from Boston or love food, your generosity is appreciated still.)

-It will cost Lonestar about $525 to set up for the day and give out free tacos again. That’s what we’re going to raise.
-If we don’t get to $525, the money will be donated to the Red Cross.
-If we get more than $525, the money will be donated to the Red Cross (or Lonestar will go out another day).
-Right now, the plan is for Lonestar to go out on Sunday, but a few things need to fall into place for that to work (like us raising the money).

That’s it. Let’s get some people fed. Kick in a couple bucks, and let’s do this together. – Aaron @unlikelywords / @eatboston

Here’s a note from Tracie and Wayne of Lonestar Taco talking about why they went out Thursday in the first place.

After the past few days of being stuck inside listening to the radio, Wayne and I felt that we needed to do something. We decided that the best thing we could do is use our skills and help feed people, so yesterday we set up in front of New Amsterdam Market’s offices. The seaport is devastated – I could see the water mark on the buildings and in some places it was above my head. Businesses and homes have been destroyed, people were very focused on cleaning up but they seemed exhausted and dazed. We were glad that we were able to give a bit of a respite from the horrible situation by providing some hot food. The market this weekend is canceled, so instead, we’re raising funds so that we can feed more people in need on Sunday.

Lone Star Taco (NYC) Fundraiser

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