“Do silverfish eat human sperm?”

Apparently, I need to spend way more time on Quora. The response is so great I’m inclined to believe this is an elaborate prank for the silverfish curious or gullible among us.

Sigh… ok, here goes. A fresh shot of human sperm will probably not be appealing to silverfish because they prefer dry foods. After the ejaculate has dried up, I would not be surprised if a silverfish would attempt to feed on it if only because it’s a novel food source and it contains protein. I doubt they’d prefer it to book bindings, but I don’t see why not. Paper is probably a more reliable food source for them, though. For obvious reasons there is no literature on the subject, so if you really want to find the answer you’ll have to design an experiment and test it yourself. Good luck publishing that, though.

In case you’re still not satisfied, the answer includes an update.

Via @ftrain

“Do silverfish eat human sperm?”

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