Gangster princess

This story, about a girl from LA who gets caught up in the drug trade really reminded me of the Hipster Grifter from a few years ago. Not sure why exactly. It’s funny there’s still discrepancy about her background, and be sure to read the response from Lisette at the end.

The persona Lee unleashed upon the wider world, however, was that of a contemptuous goddess primed for worship. Take the way, a few months before meeting Cady, Lee appeared on the set of the low-budget indie film The Doorman, in which she made a cameo as herself (“Lisette Lee, model-socialite”). Lee was pure spectacle from the moment she arrived, with a fur coat and Chanel purse draped over her arm, her enormous bodyguard Frankie Edwards by her side. The film crew was prepared to cater to a VIP – everyone was whispering Samsung – and treated her with deference as they filmed her visiting a Mercedes dealership, shopping along Rodeo Drive and dropping by her boyfriend’s high-end wine shop. “She had this sense about her that she was spoiled and in charge,” remembers director Wayne Price.

Via Longreads

Gangster princess

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