Paul Ryan marathon time calculator


Paul Ryan recently raised some eyebrows after saying he’d run a sub three hour marathon, which is pretty fast. Turns out, he didn’t. He ran 4:01. Sounds like it may have been a simple mistake, but, you know, this whole ‘Paul Ryan has trouble with the truth’ thing is so hot right now, who am I to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. If you’d like to see how fast a marathon you’d run if you were Paul Ryan, enter your time below. My friend Joe helped with the code.

var putput = function() {
fi = $(“input[name=’statement’]”).val();
if (!fi || fi === “”) { return; }
var fields = {
response: [“2:26:16”, “2:15:15”, “2:53:14”, “2:54:28”, “2:51:14.”, “2:56:56.”, “Under three hours”, “A bit under three hours”, “2:58:53”, “2:78 WHAT?”, “2:51:21”, “2:57:45”, “2:57:32”, “REALLY FAST!”, “Just a smidge under three hours”, “2:59:59”,]
var rand = function(x){return x[Math.floor(Math.random()*x.length)];};
var result = rand(fields[‘response’]);

Enter your race time here: 

How fast would I be if I were Paul Ryan?

Now you know. PS, there’s no logic to the calculator. Keep clicking until you get a time you like.

Paul Ryan marathon time calculator

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