Harold Ickes

Harold Ickes was profiled recently in Mother Jones. He’s a veteran political operative on the Democratic side who is charged with leading team D’s Super PAC. The Republicans are on track to raise and spend more so he’s got his work cut out for him. My take is that campaign finance reform is probably the biggest issue in politics at the moment, and that a lot of the other issues stem from that problem. This piece gives a pretty good background on outside money in politics, and I suppose if the Democrats are going to have to play the money game (which admittedly they seem to have created), Ickes might as well be a part of it.

In 1963, he went south to join the civil rights movement. One day, while registering voters in Tallulah, Louisiana, a gang of shotgun-toting segregationists attacked him. The beating cost him a kidney.

Harold Ickes

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