Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz is a master watchermaker

Ex-Anthrax lead guitarist Dan Spitz left Antrhax in 1995 and has since been focusing on… watchmaking. He’s since become one of the top watchmakers in the world and a designer of custom watchmaking benches. Since I don’t know anything about watchmaking, it’s hard to verify that statement, and Spitz is pretty immodest in this interview. Either way, pretty cool shift from heavy metal guitarist to watchmaker.

My Pop-Pop (what I called my grandfather Eddie Spitz) owned one of the largest antique jewelry stores in the Catskills that sold extremely high-end antique jewelry and watches. My grandfather was simply the greatest guy ever and a jeweler and a watchmaker from an early age. At 8 years old I was sitting with him and we were taking apart Patek Philippe watches. That started early on in my life, and both Patek and Vacheron Constantin (now my favorite) were always part of my life. I had the opportunity to go to my grandfather’s store and rip things apart that I really shouldn’t have been inside. My mechanical abilities started at a really young age.

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Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz is a master watchermaker

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