There were about two years where we would gather in my friend Andrew’s basement to play Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. MarioCart was a good time, of course, but it was mostly Goldeneye. I have no idea what we would have been doing if multiplayer hadn’t been added, but it almost wasn’t.

One of the things that always strikes me as crazy in retrospect is that until something like March or April of 1997, there wasn’t a multiplayer mode at all. It hadn’t even been started. It really was put in at the last minute – something you wouldn’t dream of doing these days – and it was done without the knowledge or permission of the management at Rare and Nintendo. The first they knew about it was when we showed it to them working. However – since the game was already late by that time, if we hadn’t done it that way, it probably never would have happened.

Viz CHz16


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