Income inequality in America

Jon Ronson went out and profiled 5 people who have an income separated by a multiple of about 5. He spoke with someone making $200 a week, $900 a week, $5K a week, $25K a week, $125K a week, and $625K a week. Surprisingly, only the person making $625K a week was angry about the politics surrounding income inequality. Worth a read. The person making $125K a week thinks more needs to be done.

There’s something unusual about Nick. For a multimillionaire, he doesn’t have your average multimillionaire view. In fact, he’s come to believe that the system he benefits so richly from is built on nonsense—specifically, the idea that “the markets are perfectly efflcient and allocate benefits and burdens perfectly efflciently, based on talent and merit. So by that definition, the rich deserve to be rich and the poor deserve to be poor. We believe this because we have an almost insanely powerful need to self-justify.”

Income inequality in America

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