Miles Davis record reviews

One of the reasons I post on the internet is to popularize Pat Metheny’s thoughts on Kenny G. I’ve posted about it at least twice here, and at least twice on Kottke. In 1964, an interviewer listened to some records with Miles Davis and asked him his opinions. The result is similar to Metehny’s feelings about Kenny G. Excerpts of the best are below, but click through.

Rate it? How can I rate that?

What am I supposed to say to that? That’s ridiculous. You see the way they can fuck up music? It’s a mismatch. They don’t complement each other. Max and Mingus can play together, by themselves. Mingus is a hell of a bass player, and Max is a hell of a drummer. But Duke can’t play with them, and they can’t play with Duke.

Now, how are you going to give a thing like that some stars? Record companies should be kicked in the ass. Somebody should take a picket sign and picket the record company.

Five stars is real good? It’s just good, no more. Give it three.

As for Gilberto, he could read a newspaper and sound good! I’ll give that one five stars.


Via Pieratt

Miles Davis record reviews

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