50,000 bees in the wall

You have to go to the link to watch the video, but it’s pretty interesting seeing how they remove bees from a wall (as opposed to exterminating them).

“I’m not really terrified of the bees… I just remained calm, and I figured they wouldn’t bother me too much… I got stung once, but I was more curious about how big the hive actually was. I figured it was just a small clump of 1,000 or so,” Chen said.

After his investigation, he spent a month on the road, traveling for work. When he returned, Chen found time to call a professional to assess the situation. He explained that he recently saw a documentary about the endangerment of bees, so he wanted to save – not exterminate – them.

He found a man on Craigslist, who goes by the name Mike Bee, who said he would safely remove the bees. He is a member of the rescue organization Backwards Beekeepers, a group that works with HoneyLove.org in order to educate the public about bees.

Via Andre Torrez and Ben Greenman who said “”Calif. Man Finds 50,000 Bees Inside Home” http://abcn.ws/N9TQJ9 I think that at that point, it’s the bees’ house.” Agreed.

50,000 bees in the wall

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