What I read while away

A couple weeks ago, I got back from 8 days in Japan and it was awesome. I’ll be recapping the trip at some point, hopefully soon, but in the meantime here are the articles I cleared out of my Instapaper queue. Still woefully underwater there. Some of this will be blogged in other posts, but I like lists. Things to check out are starred.

The Vanishing
notes on “i give up”
In Somerville, Painted Burro is raucous, fun, ready to party
*The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever
*The Measured Man
Baseball in Japan
Follow the Dark Money
Apple Wants to Protect Your Identity … by Cloning You
Apple’s Retail Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay
This Just In
You Can’t Handle the Truth About Aaron Sorkin
The Dream Will Never Die: An Oral History of the Dream Team
In the Ruins of a Blue and White Empire
Terrell Owens’s Darkest Days
The Comeback That Wasn’t
The Top Man at ‘Mad Men’ Isn’t Mad Anymore
Hot restaurant trends of 2012
Aziz Ansari
The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia
*The last tower: The decline and fall of public housing
Funny Women
The Chameleon
Toxic Fog
An Interview with Paul Ford and Gina Trapani
Mad Men: Memories, doppelgängers & phantoms
Cocaine Incorporated
The very white poetry of Mad Men
Summer People
Mad Men’s Aaron Staton on Ken Cosgrove and the Season Closer
Eater Young Guns Final 50: Tim Maslow
Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser on Pete’s Smug Face, His Punchability, and That Receding Hairline
On the notion of blogging as a career
Brad Pitt’s Zombie Nightmare: Inside the Troubled ‘World War Z’ Production
The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza: Twitter, Gaffe Obsession Creating ‘Crisis For Political Journalism’

What I read while away

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