Super long Tetris read

How many words do you want to read about Tetris? If the answer is ‘all of them,’it’s your lucky day. Noah Davis has a long, great piece on The Verve, an excellent history of the game, and worth clicking through to just to see the pictures.

But the one-touch future also means the gaming world will continue to evolve past Tetris. It is a game rooted in the technology and limitations of the 1980s and 1990s. The move to touchscreens and gesture-based systems like Kinect will take future versions of Tetris further away from the core of the game. BPS, EA, and the rest of the licensees are attempting to shoehorn something that relies on buttons into a touchscreen world. (It’s not just Tetris; think how many beloved games from the past don’t translate.) They managed to make a fun and reasonably faithful version, but the fact remains that while One-Touch Tetris shares some DNA with the original, it’s an entirely different species. New developments in technology are making the old game just that: a thing of the past that doesn’t quite fit in the future.

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Super long Tetris read

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