Super bugs

This article about Craig Venter trying to bio-engineer organisms to do stuff, like clean up pollution or make fuel, is pretty fascinating. It also mentions the word ‘fart’ in the first paragraph and had me looking through the New York Times archives for early mentions of the word (the mentions seem to be all abbreviations or typos until the 1970s).

When I think for too long about the future, I sometimes get depressed, but these bugs could be a solution if they can get worked out in time.

The appeal of biological machinery is manifold. For one thing, because organisms reproduce, they can generate not only their target product but also more factories to do the same. Then too, microbes use novel fuel. Chances are, unless you’ve slipped off the grid, virtually every machine you own, from your iPhone to your toaster oven, depends on burning fossil fuels to work. Even if you have slipped off the grid, manufacturing those devices required massive carbon emissions. This is not necessarily the case for biomachinery. A custom organism could produce the same plastic or metal as an industrial plant while feeding on the compounds in pollution or the energy of the sun.

And here’s another article about super bugs, this time genetically modified mosquitoes bred to pass down genes that makes the offspring self-destruct (they couldn’t say die?) shortly after hatching.

Doyle’s solution? To move ahead with a controversial experiment that has been in the works since before he arrived: importing and releasing millions of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that have been genetically modified in the labs of a British biotech firm called Oxitec. These minute marvels of science are tweaked to pass down a gene that causes their progeny to self-destruct soon after hatching. Only males would be released; theoretically, they would breed with normal females and spawn offspring that keel over and die just before adulthood. The dengue-spreading population would collapse generation by generation.

Super bugs

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