Some Ian MacKaye links

Ian MacKaye turned 50 last Monday and I had a couple links to clear, so here are some Ian MacKaye links.

This is about 3 years old, but I’d never seen it. 40 minutes of Fugazi stage banter in one MP3. It’s magical. With the impending release of all 800+ Fugazi concert recordings (currently at 205 recordings uploaded), I imagine this MP3 could eventually be updated. Here’s a few of the better ones. “What’s your name? David? Please don’t come on the stage anymore… David, don’t apologize. I know you meant nothing by it.” One of the quotes drawn by Chris.

Would Ian MacKaye be cool with this
? (via @jeremydlarson)

Does Ian MacKaye still have his gallbladder?

I’ve posted this before, but Sir Ben Kingsley STOMPS into the shoes of Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye is awesome.

I still haven’t heard much about how this came to be, but MacKaye is OK with it.

The editor of Mean Magazine contacted me prior to doing the shoot with Kingsley and asked if I would be OK with the video idea. It struck me as completely absurd, so how could I say no? I’ve only looked at the video once or twice and certainly wasn’t judging Kingsley’s ‘front man’ potential, mostly I reckon he found the idea as unusual as I did and decided to give it a go. The real creativity in this situation belongs to the people who dreamed up the unlikely pairing. Clearly it was effective idea, as evidenced by the fact that you are writing about it.

Some Ian MacKaye links

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