2010/2011 Feltron Annual Report

The 2010/2011 Feltron Annual Report is out, and it’s a week earlier than last year (I think?). Gosh if I wasn’t really looking forward to this. If you’ve never seen this before, Nicholas Felton spends the entire year documenting different parts of his life, and then folds it all together in a gorgeous annual report. The Foursquare stats page was inspired by these annual reports, and last year Facebook acquired the company he started. Timeline seems to be, at least partially, a way for everyone to make their own annual report.

This year’s theme?

Philip K. Dick claimed that “a person’s authentic nature is a series of shifting, variegated planes that establish themselves as he relates to different people; it is created by and appears within the framework of his interpersonal relationships.”

The Feltron 2010/2011 Biennial Report explores this notion by overlapping facets of Nicholas’ behavior to visualize how his personality varies based on location and company.

Via Kottke

2010/2011 Feltron Annual Report

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