Mountain biking in the snow

This is kind of nutso and reminds me of the ‘Craziest possible mountain biking video Kottke posted a couple a couple weeks ago…except this is in the SNOW. There’s only a few of the harrowing cliffs, but still.

Filmed at the end of November 2010 somewhere in Bavaria. Riders are Max Schumann and Maxi Dickerhoff. Snow cover was about 50 or 60cm. With hikers trampling down the snow and making a trail then some good riding is still possible. Took us 2hrs of pushing and carrying to get to the trail head but, once again, the up hill grunt was well worth it. Considering these guys were running with normal downhill tyres (without spikes) then this is some of the fastest mountain trail snow riding I have seen. Some sections of the trail are pretty exposed too, kiss your ass good bye if you fuck up.

Mountain biking in the snow

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