The Queens of Montague Street

This essay, about growing up as a teenage girl in Brookyln, by Nancy Rommelmann, is the first best read of the new year.

If I’d set a fire or slit my wrists, the process might have been clearer for the adults involved. A female teacher might have pleaded my potential; I can easily imagine her standing by at dawn on a Sunday, offering support as my parents trundled me into a car bound for a sanitarium in New Jersey. But there was no female teacher, only an administration alarmed at having a garden-variety bad girl on the roster; someone who did not show up for school for no good reason; whose anecdotal reports from fifth grade on included some version of, “If she’d only apply herself…”

The Queens of Montague Street

One thought on “The Queens of Montague Street

  1. Aaron Pik says:

    Great piece–interesting to see what happens to people who don’t, for whatever reason, follow the normal path through school. Even more interesting to see one case–that of the author–where it resulted in a potential “academic” career in writing.


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