Happy birthday, Bo Jackson

Today is Bo Jackson’s 49th birthday, so I thought I’d watch a Bo Jackson video and then I watched about 10. The first video shocked me because I’m never ready for how big he is or how fast. And he was both.

Here are some videos and articles including football Bo, baseball Bo, Letterman Bo, Sesame St Bo, ect. The articles are interspersed with the videos. Make sure to watch the Tecmo Bo.

First mention of Bo in SI from 1982

The tackle that ended his career

Ralph Wiley suggesting Bo will have to choose

Bo on the go

On homering in first game back after injury

A hip injury

All Bo’s SI covers

Maybe the first profile


Bo Jackson, the Heisman winner

Where is he now, from 2003

Bo must choose

If Bo Jackson doesn’t return

Happy birthday, Bo Jackson

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